My Big Secret Revealed

Blouse: Zara, Skirt: Max, Shoes: Dorothy Perkins, Earrings and Cuff: from India, Ring: New Look, Watch: Swatch
Ok... today, I've made a big decision. Which is to reveal what my secret project is. No, I haven't yet finished it. So why today? Because I'm getting tired of all this secrecy and my posts are getting more and more vague as I try to think about what to write other than the most important thing on my mind.

So here it is: I'm moving out of my family home into my own apartment. It's a cosy little studio apartment in a nice part of town, and I'll move by next week. It's very very exciting, very very scary, and a huge learning curve. Some of you may be shocked, (especially if you're friends and family) some of you may be like- so what's the big deal in that? Why all the secrecy?

All the secrecy because it's so NOT commonplace for children to move out of their parent's homes in Bahrain. I'm Bahraini, but originally Indian. And in both Bahraini and Indian cultures children don't move out of their parents' homes. ESPECIALLY girls. The girls are married off at a very young age, and usually, until they get married, they live with their parents. I completely don't agree with that concept.

Why would I want to be a burden on my parents just because I haven't found a guy, or worse, my parents haven't found one for me? (Yes, arranged marriages are the norm.) I've got a great job, I'm independent, I have my own car. (VERY imp. to be mobile in Bahrain) So why not take the next step and get my own place?

My parents are dead against the idea. They fear for my safety and are afraid someone will murder me in my sleep. (I have the Herculean task of convincing them that this won't happen). My mom cannot get her head around why I'd want to live alone when I can live with my family, come home to her, talk, etc. Well, I've always enjoyed solitude. As long as you don't get addicted to it, solitude is lovely. I've had a taste of living alone when I was studying in Pune, India, and I LOVED it. I love the idea of coming home to an empty flat. (I can't really write a lot about this as my mom reads my blog and she's in a very delicate emotional state right now and WILL assume all the wrong things. Haha! I love you Mom!)

So NOW you know what I was talking about in all my earlier posts. Bring on the questions and free advice!

On a style note, I lurve this blouse. I'd never thought I'd wear anything like it but a friend had forced me to try it and now it's one of my fave tops. It's nice and baggy, and the thinnest cotton which is lovely for summer.

Style tip: When wearing a narrow skirt, a baggy puffed out top balances it and looks chic. (I know I just called myself chic, but I need loads of self-love in this nail-biting time, ok?)
Shabana Feroze


  1. I love the blog!!! The narrow skirt is amazing! Dropping by from the Life Musings Community on Blog Frog!

  2. I like this relaxed look. So cool and breezy and Summery.

    You are a brave person Shabana. Way to go! Muah!

  3. i lurrrve the blouse!! sooo summery! i feel like gettin myself somethin white too now

  4. Well I hope all goes well and you don't get murdered in your sleep! :)

  5. I wish you all the best Shabana! Yes I was surprised to read that you as a Bahraini/ Indian would move out to live by yourself, but I admire your decision! YES! I understand your mom's feelings, it is never easy to have your child move away.. and do something out of the norm like that.. but I am almost sure that in the end she'll be proud of you... and that it will be fun visiting each other and such! All the best girl! ~

  6. I love today's outfit! Very cute! Good luck on your move...your parents will come to turn with it in time. My friends brothers and siters all had arranged marriages (they are very happy) but she chose to take a different path and moved out and is very idependent/on her own. She and her parents still get along great and she visits them often.

  7. Having your own apartment is going to be such a great adventure. I'm so excited for you.
    As always you are so gorgeous and yes chic!! Love your ensemble!

  8. Thanks Rebecca! I'm following your blog too now! You're such a gifted writer!

  9. Thank you Ruby. Lovely people like you who support me make me braver. Muah!

  10. Spirits aka Shereen, my blouse is a liiiiite blush colour. But white is ESSENTIAL for summer. It's chic at it's best! Go get some whiteness.

  11. Thank you Pascale. Yes, she'll come around, and like you said, visiting each other will be fun. I totally believe that absence makes the heart grow fonder.

  12. Hey Carli! Wow! That's major inspiration for me right there! Thanks a lot for sharing that with me! Do keep the comments coming!

  13. You do your thing! I'm impressed at your determination to do what feels right even though it against your parents desire and typical customs. Follow your heart. :)

  14. Hey Mama Kat!
    Thanks so much! Yep, I'm darned determined to do this even though I'll defo have loads of backlash from so-called 'society'.
    I visited your blog, you are bloody hilarious! I'm following you on twitter and liked your facebook page, but can't find whereto follow you on the blog itself. Let me know!


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