You Have To Really, Really Want It!

Shirt: Playlife, Skirt: Mango, Belt: H&M, Shoes: Dorothy Perkins, Ring: Gold Souk, Bracelet: from India.

Somedays I just feel like looking  preppy. And nothing screams preppy like a tweed skirt and a crisp white shirt paired with pumps. This skirt from Mango is lovely. I like the big buttons and the overlapping panels in front. (The buttons actually hold the two overlapping panels together).

I was just thinking how fast everything's happened regarding me moving out. I made up my mind to move out by April 30 and I can't believe that by this weekend, which is 27th may, I'll have moved in. It took me just under a month!

This is how I started. First, I informed very few, chosen people and asked for their help in looking for an apartment. Almost all of them were skeptical about me finding a place suitable to my budget and needs. But I was really lucky. I found a listing of two suitable apartments on a website, and the second one I visited was perfect. It's in a great area, has covered parking, 24 hours security, is easy to access and I have good neighbours. The best part is it's on the top floor so I've got the terrace to myself for doing my blog shoots.

I waited for my brother to come from Dubai, showed it to him and after allaying his concerns, I booked it. Then began all the planning. I was worried about so many things. But one-by-one, they just got taken care of.

For instance,
Paying 2 months rent in advance would be very difficult for me.
My landlord agreed to not take rent in advance.

I was dreading getting a gas cylinder for the stove that was already there, as it's not safe and I'm a scaredy-cat when it comes to fire.
I found out that the stove is electric.

And after many such instances where things have fallen beautifully into place, it reminds me of Coelho's notoriously famous quote:

When you really want something, the entire Universe conspires in helping you achieve it.

Shabana Feroze


  1. You look so happy - as if you were floating on a cloud.

    Preppy is my all-time favourite look!

    P.S. Good things happen to good people!

  2. I AM floating on a cloud, but with my feet firmly on the ground.
    Hehe, thanks!

    Aw, good to know I'm good! Thanks, I <3 u!

  3. Nice look! I agree with Coelho. Smart man :-)

  4. Thanks Anne! You're an excellent storyteller by the way!

  5. I'm thrilled for you that everything is falling into place. You look great, you have a new home. Life is good, enjoy it.

  6. Thank you Terri! I am enjoying it!


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