Grow a Pair and Just Assert Yourself Will You.

Top: Zara, Pants: from Rome, Shoes: Charles & Keith, Bangles: Gifted, Earrings: F21, Watch: Swatch
Don't be afraid of making other people angry. Be afraid of making yourself angry by keeping quiet when you should have really spoken up. Then that anger builds up inside and comes out at the wrong place, at the wrong time, and is directed at a nice person who you like. And that person starts losing respect for you. Annnnd you lose respect for yourself.

So come on, just grow a pair. 

On another note, I dug up these pants while arranging my clothes last night. They're 100% linen and sooooo comfy! Perfect for this crazy heat.
Shabana Feroze


  1. My son, almost 20, is like this too. Which is weird because I'm nothing like that. He's so shy when it comes to that he probably wouldn't have even ordered his own food. But yet he performs on stage all the time. Weird! I love the outfit -- especially the pants.

  2. So true. Thanks, Shabana. That's a very useful and important lesson.

    You look cool!

  3. Ok Shabana, I want those pants! LOL!!! I'm a sucker for that material and fit...can't tell you how many I buy every year :-)It all works well, teamed up with the accessories.

  4. Oh! About the assertiveness, it took me a long long time to start stating my preferences/ask questions etc. I think it comes from a lack of self confidence. The "needing to stay invisible" factor. But you're right. It is definitely something to be overcome.

  5. Hey Carli!
    I know, even my bestie Ann is very outgoing, but unassertive in these little things. Thanks!

  6. Hey Anne
    No, you are going to run and get rid of the flab and wear some really hot, sexy pants. (Forgive me if that's too personal)

  7. Anne, yes, about the assertiveness, I think it comes from a lack of self-esteem. Confidence is an external thing. Many people fake confidence to hide low self esteem. If you're really damn sure about yourself from deep inside, you don't give a rat's ass about what others' think of you.

  8. You are always so stylish and beautiful. I don't like to eat at FF places either but if I have to, it should be "fast" food.

  9. Hahaha!! Shabana that's hilarious! My poor husband does not deserve seeing me in hot pants! But skinny jeans may be? Yes...OMG the flab HAS to go!
    About the assertiveness,yes, a deep feeling of confidence is important. Faking it doesn't do any good so some prefer to stay quiet. I think it's part of evolving, if one is missing the quality that is. Now how do I know this? I'm working my way out of mousiness, that's how :-)It's so much nicer speaking my mind!

  10. Ok, we'll start with skinny jeans then!
    Good for you to get out of mousiness. Many don't even try!


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