Stylish Blogger Award

Top: Playlife, Pants: Mango, Shoes: from India, Bangles and Necklace: H&M, Earrings: Gifted, Watch: Swatch


The Universe and Karma are still being super amazing to me, (and I'm bloody grateful.) By super amazing, I mean that things are just beautifully falling into place. For instance, take today:

I haven't blogged since Thursday. I was feeling very guilty, and probably that everyone in blogosphere has forgotten me. But when I checked my mail today, I found that Anne from Poems, Stories and Humanness had awarded me a Stylish Blogger Award. My first Blogger Award! I was in no way expecting it!

I'm so honoured to get it from an amazing writer like Anne. Do check out her blog for some very insightful stories, anecdotes and simply. lots of humanness. (You'll know what I mean when you check out her blog. Just click on the link and read!)

So, I am tr├ęs happy, and hoping that Karma keeps loving me. (I know this is a long post, but I'm allowed since I just got my first award ok?)

Do stay posted for me passing on the Award to blogs I find stylish; tomorrow. And on a style note, I was in the mood to be comfy and simple today, hence the no-fuss top and chinos, accentuated with delicate accessories.   

Until tomorrow! xoxox 
Shabana Feroze


  1. Ohh that looks so comfy! So easy and and well put together.
    And thank you for the wonderful compliments! You do truly deserve the award!
    Also, the peep-hole is a good thing!Goodness! Can't imagine living without one.
    Black curtains sound very alluring...I have never thought of that for curtains before. My husband is the vampire. Loves spending sunny days behind drawn drapes!
    Hope your house warming goes well. Are you actually cooking for it?
    Enjoy everything and thanks for the link-up and kind words.
    Stay strong!

  2. Ooh Shabana, that t-shirt is very cute!

  3. Thanks Anne, my lovely!
    I know! I NEED a peephole!
    try out black velvet curtains, with a lining. They're lovvvely. Really good for sleep, day or night.
    I'm not cooking for the housewarming, goodness, no, cannot handle that! I've asked friends to get a dish each.
    You deserve all the kind words Anne. Thanks!

  4. You absolutely deserve this award! The updates to your apartment sound amazing! Enjoy your housewarming at your new apartment! {{{HUGS}}}

  5. love the relaxed outfit :)
    props for your karmalicious award ;)

    u need to post pics of your amazing apartment!!!


  6. Congratulations on your blogger award! Well done, Shabana! You are very talented, indeed!

    Have fun planning your housewarming party!

  7. Hey Habiba! Thanks hon. Yes, I will, right after the housewarming!


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