Little Delights Tuesday

Top and Blazer: Zara, Pants: Mango, Shoes: Dorothy Perkins,  Earrings: India,  Bracelets: Various.
Tuesday again! If you squint really hard, you can almost see Friiidaaayyyy. So, here are the small things that brought me joy since last Tuesday:
  1. The smell of roasted cashew nuts.
  2. At the hair salon, one of the hairdressers saying "I'll do it!" for washing my hair when the main hairstylist was asking other assistants. 
  3. My kitten taking a swing at my hair when it's hanging as I'm lying down reading a book.
  4. Going for ice cream with my family.
  5. Crying and being told to cry as much as I need to.
  6. Reading a funny chick-lit novel and finding likenesses of me and my friends in the characters.
  7. Getting an unasked-for head massage.
  8. Being called Gorgeous.
  9. My 7 year old niece Emma who I haven't met yet, writing in a card - "You are beautiful. xoxo" (Ok that is a BIG delight, actually.)
  10. Wearing colourful, loose tops like these.
That's all. Add yours in the comments!

Shabana Feroze


  1. Adorable as always.
    My small things since last Tuesday:
    Abby saying "I wub jew gwama"
    Clean fridge
    Girls day out (with Abs too of course)
    My moms daily calls

  2. Love the top. Nice teaming of elements!

    Nice happenings,
    - Feeling scissors snipping off my hair after holding out for a year!
    - My son giving me a belly hug(he grabs my middle and squeezes with all his might)
    - My homemade pizza turning out well finally!
    - Sharing my writing with others who were happy about it.
    - Napping yesterday afternoon and waking up to realize that I had truly been lost to the world for just half an hour.

  3. Hi Anne!
    Thank you!

    Thank you for sharing! I like the last one in particular. A good solid powernap is definitely a delight!


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