Little Delights Tuesdays

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Tuesdays. Hump Days in Bahrain. Now now, get your mind out of the gutter, Hump Day only means that the weekend is downhill from here. So Tuesday is Hump Day in Bahrain (and wherever else Friday and Saturday are the weekend).
Usually everyone starts getting annoyed by the middle of the week and looking forward to the weekend. So I decided I'm going to start a weekly thing where every Tuesday I'm going to list all the little joys and delights in my life. It's always been the smallest of things that makes me happy.

So here's my list for this Tuesday:

  1. Getting complimentary magazines delivered at work with my name on them.
  2. Licking peanut butter off the spoon.
  3. My bestie knowing exactly how sad I feel just from my expression.
  4. My female colleague saying "Look at you! You look so cute!" in the morning.
  5. My mom hugging me when I think she's mad at me.
  6. Driving down the highway with the windows down, with my music really loud, the wind in my hair.
  7. Looking at the perfect shade of pink on my nails.
  8. Guy colleagues who always call me 'dear' on the phone.
  9. Wearing these fiercer-than-fierce shoes.
That's my list for today. Now I want you to add yours in the comments. Go on. You know it'll make you happy! 
Shabana Feroze


  1. The guys calling you 'dear' thing is so funny :-) Little surprises...

    Let's see -

    - Finding quiet time when I think I'll be swamped.
    - The perfect piece and portion of chocolate.
    - Hearing my favorite song unexpectedly on the radio.
    - Finding the scale 'not tipping' past a 'certain' point.
    - Reading a loved book in peace.
    - A hug from my little boy.
    - My hubby's smile.
    - My parents' smile over the telephone.
    - My brother's contagious laughter.
    - Finding comments on my blog - lol!
    - Selling one more copy of my book!

    That's that for now...

  2. Hi Anne
    These two are my little delights too!:
    - The perfect piece and portion of chocolate.
    - Hearing my favorite song unexpectedly on the radio.

    What book have you written? Let me know!


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