Top: Playlife, Skirt and Bag: Mango, Belt: ??, Shoes: Payless, Earrings: F21, Bangles: Various,  Watch: Swatch

Fan Yang. May I just say he's HAWT? Heh heh
On Friday evening, I attended the Gazillion Bubble Show. It's basically one man, Fan Yang, doing many tricks using only... wait for it... soap bubbles! He absolutely fascinated me with his bubble artistry, which consisted of him using play of light and colours in bubbles, blowing bubbles within bubbles, spinning bubbles, making a square (yes, really!) bubble, even trapping smoke inside bubbles!

My mouth was open in surprise throughout the show. I was mesmerized. The 5 year old inside me was very, very happy. And very, very jealous of the real 5 year olds who got to go on stage. (And not only because of the caption on the last photo.)

As a finale, he releases more than a gazillion bubbles into the hall. It was such a fantastical, fairy-tale-like sight.( Just look at the photo!).

Things like rainbows and bubbles excite me beyond belief. (You should see me washing clothes. I waste half the time playing and dancing with the foam) Many people around me have asked me, "When will you grow up?". My answer is always :"Who wants to?"

On a style note, I just felt gothic today. I know. Such an opposite to the bubbles.

P.S: This post is dedicated to my niece Emma, who is very upset because of a (very funny) typo she made in an earlier comment. I wish I could have taken her to the Gazillion Bubble Show to cheer her up!
Shabana Feroze


  1. Thank you Aunty Shabana, I would love to come with you.

    I love your handbag I like the tassles ! can you show us more of your handbags please?

    I can imagine you drest up in a rainbow shirt whith sparkly bubbles.

    love, Emma xoxoxoxoxoo

  2. That's got to be one of the coolest things EVER!!!!!!!

    And yeah...he is TOTALLY 100% HAWT!!!


  3. Hi Emma!
    I will definitely start showing more of my handbags!
    Drest up in a rainbow shirt...hmmm.. with sparkly bubbles..I'll have to look for something like that! Haha!

  4. Hi KT!
    I know, right? Yes, he's hawwwt! And he's a really good dancer!


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