Paradigm Shift

Top, Pants: Zara, Belt: Mango, Shoes: Payless, Bangles: Various, Earrings: F21, Watch: Swatch
July's here. Half of the year has gone by. I was just sitting and thinking about all that's happened since the year began, and I'm surprised at the very unexpected 180 degree flip my life has taken.

For starters, I started putting up outfit posts on my blog. Then I moved out of my folks home. At around the same time, my religious views shifted. These three major changes themselves brought on many minor subsequent changes. Not only that, many of my other preconceived notions and mindsets changed.

So all in all, you could say I had a major paradigm shift.

Then I thought- how did all these changes happen? After much contemplating, I realized I just grabbed opportunities that I saw along the way. And the thing is with opportunities, seize one and multiple open up around you. So I just went on a grabbing spree of what made the most sense to me. I did face many, many challenges and lots of negativity, (not to mention lots of small-minded negative people). But I was just really stubborn. And now I truly do feel like I made the right choices. I am truly happy.

On a style note, how much do I love Zara? This top. These pants. Swoon.
Shabana Feroze


  1. Very cute outfit. Being happy is the most important thing! I recently quite a job after almost 11 years of not being happy. And although being unemployed and bored is annoying I'm still happier!

  2. Hi Carli!
    Thank you! I'm so glad to hear that. It's not easy quitting a job and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. Great that you did it!

  3. Love ur outfit! the colors are so soothing! Ur a real go getter! I love that about u...

  4. Hey Shereen!
    Thank you so much! Yes, I AM a go-getter. Haha! Thanks!

  5. Dear Shabana,
    You look like a supermodel! Keep wearing such beautiful clothes!
    With love Emma.

  6. Hi Emma!
    Thank you so much! Please keep commenting!

  7. This looks so comfortable and just so chic. I adore it.

  8. Thank you Terri! It WAS a very comfortable outfit!


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