Climbing a hill in boots

Sweater: Guess, Top: Pimkie, Jeans: H&M, Handbag: Mango, Boots: Payless, Earrings: F21, Sunglasses: Armani
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What an eventful day! I visited so many places today with my brother and a friend. Both these guys are photogs which explains so many photos in today's post! I felt like a model out on a photoshoot who didn't even need to strike any difficult poses.
First we went to Sakhir, the hilly area of Bahrain. Can you believe I actually climbed that hill with those boots? Go me! It was really, really windy and really coooold! After some photos at Sakhir, we went to a new corniche in Hidd. My brother took these two photos at the corniche. We reached there just as the sun was setting. It was such a gorgeous sight.

And lastly, we went to City Centre for a spot of shopping and tiramisu. (My friend Paul took the last photo at City Centre) And then dinner at a Thai restaurant. And finally home.

All in all a tiring but happy day with lots of interesting conversation and laughter. Here's to more such days!
Hope you're having a great weekend! xxx
Shabana Feroze


  1. As mentioned earlier....really had a great time. You should be thankfull (or grateful...whichever you prefer) we didnt take you rock climbing in those killer boots of yours :p

  2. ME TOO! Hey, even if you did, I would've risen to the challenge. I'm Silver Kick after all!

  3. I really like last photo.Your smile dressed of really charming, it reflects how well you spent that day.


  4. This look is gorgeous. Seriously.


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