Black Maxi Dress

Dress: Jeanswest, Shoes: Debenhams, Bangles: Various, Earrings: F21

I know I hadn't blogged for a few days and many of you told me you missed my posts. (Which is so cute, thank you, guys and dolls!) Well it was my birthday on the 11th and I was busy celebrating. And I'm so thrilled that I got this black maxi dress on my birthday from my brother Moayyed (who sponsored a shopping spree. Letting me go shopping but paying for it? THE perfect gift!) A black maxi was on my Birthday Wishlist. And man do I love this one from Jeanswest! It's just what I wanted- a simple, casual black maxi that can be accessorized in a million ways. I wanted to show you the dress today so I haven't accessorized it much. Just stacked bangles on both arms and wore my fave F21 filigree earrings. I noticed a unique feature about this maxi  today during the shoot on my dusty terrace. It doesn't let dust stick and stain. It brushes off quite easily. Believe me, this feature is really important in a place like the Middle East where dust storms are the norm. (That rhymed. Kind of.) So yay for me! 
Hope you had a non-manic Monday! xxx
Shabana Feroze


  1. The return of the woman in black...It must be a desert mirage....because if it´s a dream...I don´t want awake....:)

  2. Hahhaha! I LOVE your comments David!! Thank you!

  3. Well happy birthday then! I hope you had a great party! :-)

    I love the maxidress!! I really need to get one too for next summer. I've been looking for a maxidress for almost 2 years now, but just couldn't find one that was good in terms of shape AND colour. But yours seems perfect!

  4. Thanks for the birthday wishes hun!

    I love it too! You'll find the best one soon, don't worry!

  5. Belated birthday wishes and Quirkyalone wishes :)


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