Dubai Day 2!

Left ring: Posh, Belt: F21, Right ring: from India, Watch: Swatch
Dress: Miss Selfridge, Boots: Payless

What a fun-fun-fuuuuuun day with my brother yesterday! He took my pictures (aren't they great?) and then we left for Dubai Mall for some shopping. I finally found a book I'd been looking for quite sometime. After wrenching myself away from the huge, laden-with-chick-lit bookshop (me in a bookshop is worse than a kid in a candy store), we had the most divine Gelato. (I had Dark Chocolate, Hazelnut and Vanilla. Best. Mix. Ever.) We then caught the fountain show. I love this part of the Dubai Mall where you can see the Burj and the buildings look so pretty reflected in the water. We had to move away from the water when the fountain show began as it was windy and we were getting sprayed! Haha!

Just as we were leaving the mall I noticed this girl wearing the most adorable sweater. I just had to take a pic of her! So meet Miki from China. I love how she's paired her denim mini-skirt with knee-high socks and ballet pumps. And that necklace is super-cute! The sweater's so effortlessly chic. Don't you love the bows at the back?

The evening wrapped up with dinner at Wagamama and ended with the most decadent banana and chili mousse cake. (I didn't get a picture of it because we attacked it as soon as it was on the table.) You know it's been a great day when you've had two sinful desserts!

On a style note, I know I've worn this dress recently but it was a no-brainer to bring with me on this trip. It's  light, very comfortable and doesn't wrinkle. I paired it with my boots and was so glad I did because we walked around quite a bit. This trip is really testing my creativity in churning out different outfits with a limited number of clothes, shoes and belts. I keep wishing I'd brought more shoes but they take up so much space!

And the last thing on this super-long post, Topshop's LFW Fashion Insider Talks event today. If you're in Dubai, do come, it'll be great fun. Don't forget to come say hi!

Shabana Feroze


  1. This is so much fun! I feel like I am on holiday with you.

  2. Haha! You are! I think of you all the time!

  3. Looking HOT! Skirt is great and so is the jacket.
    I would suggest you to look for the modeling poses, I have felt that your posing is almost getting monotonous.
    There is pride in your smile.. i like that!

  4. Wonderful, pretty, elegant and that precious were really needing this change...kisses, sweetie..:)


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