Little Delights Tuesday and my 200th post!

Top: Jeanswest, Jeans: Zara, Bangles & Earrings: Shop in Adliya, Watch: Swatch, Shoes: New Look

I've had a supremely annoying and tiring week. And Today takes the prize. Whatever could go wrong, did. For instance, I'm going to spend the night at my mom's place tonight because my building and only my apartment don't have electricity. ARGH!
 But recollecting these small things that made me smile makes me forget all the crappy stuff:

  • Someone sending me an email with just these words- 'I miss you'.
  • An old college friend asking me for fashion advice.
  • My first ever guest post on Terri's Little Haven and the lovely comments I received after!
  • These new pair of jeans that finally fit perfectly well. (I'd lost some weight and was tired of having to pull up my jeans all the time. Saggy jeans-butt is NOT a good look.)
  • Getting lots of hugs in my dreams. A bit absurd, but nice nonetheless.
  • Sketching someone's portrait after a long time. I'll show it to you soon, promise.
  • Reaching my 200th post. Yep, this is my 200th!
 So tell me yours!
Shabana Feroze


  1. I don´t know another model with those legs, specially designed for wearing jeans...and for kicking ass too..Mmmmmm....This will be one of your most hidden secrets..?

  2. Hahaha David! Yep, it's a well-kept secret..shhhh...

  3. Shabaash Shabana!!! Congrats on your double century:)

    Every run of your's that i saw were memorable..there were occassional sprinkling of 'Chowkas' and 'Chakkas', we all liked them:)

    quite an achievement, considering the efforts you take for each post..keep up the good show..Wish u the best.

  4. This is a great outfit! great color on the shoes, fun shirt!!

  5. I'm glad you liked it Brandi! I like your blog! xxx

  6. Beautiful photos and outfit. Those shoes look great with the outfit. I hope you are back in your apt. soon if you aren't already.

  7. Thank you so much Terri! Yes I am finally! :)


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