Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Little Delights Tuesday

Coat: Mango, Dress: from Rome, Boots: Payless, Ring: Posh, Necklace: Jane Norman

  • Making someone laugh really hard.
  • Being wrapped up in a big blanket when it's freezing.
  • My pink, soft, furry slippers that I wear at home.
  • Red lipstick.
  • Buying Sophie Kinsella's latest book and getting a book free.
  • Looking at flowers.
  • Beautiful quotes picked out just for me, sent by someone special via email. 

It was so cold and windy today! I kept it simple (and warm!) with a dress, my pea coat and boots. And accessories. I can't believe I don't have any colour on me today! Huh.
 Anyhoo, here's part III of the sketch:

Happy Tuesday! xxx


  1. What happened to your professional photographer?

  2. cute cute coat! And I love your lip color. xoox

  3. In this case, I´ve chosen the first photo for my album.Although you´re very pretty in all the pics,I can´t resist your smile....Tuscanians will be so fortunated....:)

  4. Love love love the look, those boots are so cute. I wish I could wear a higher heel but I'm afraid to with my back.

  5. Thank you Terri! Yeah, you have to be careful. I exercise a lot to keep my back strong so I can walk around in 6 inches!