6 Ways of Wearing A Little Red Blazer

It's all about colour this season, from pastels to brights to deep jewel tones. And a blazer need not just be a neutral colour anymore. Which is why I heart my bright red H&M blazer and thought I'd show you six different ways I've worn it:

Colour blocking with a contrasting blue top, worn with light jeans to keep the focus on the top half. 

Keeping it girly and feminine by wearing it over a pale pink camisole top.

Worn with my navy blue dress. Very sailorish!

Paired with a long pink top, formal black trousers and blue heels. I love red and pink together.

Here I kept the rest of the outfit monochrome and used the blazer for a nice pop of colour. And turned the lapels up to give it an edge.

Worn with a black dress and chunky black heels to bring out the contrast. 

So if you thought a black blazer is versatile, try one in a bright colour to jazz up your outfits. Next on my wishlist is a mint green blazer. And a candy pink one. And canary yellow. Oh never mind.
Shabana Feroze


  1. You have certainly convinced me. Time to think outside the black box.
    I need to go shopping......

  2. I love your looks so much! I've been wanting a red blazer for so long and you've styled it soooo cute! I think my favorites are the third and last one. Especially the last one, super stunning! Great job girl ;)

  3. Love all the ways you can wear this blazer! The colour blocking look is my favourite :)

  4. That's one cute accessory. The last look is love!



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