Today's to-do list: Try to burn the house down.

Top: Old, Jeans: Dorothy Perkins, Shoes: Dune, Ring: Oasis, Handbag: Jane Norman, Watch: Swatch, Sunnies: Armani.

My parents went on vacation yesterday and since my younger brother was out the whole day, I had the house to myself. I thought this was the best time to watch The Wedding Planner. I was supposed to cook chicken for dinner so I put it on the stove and we sat down to watch the movie on my brother's huge screen in his room. After the movie I opened the door and was greeted by thick white smoke and a horrible smell of burning. The chicken! I ran to the kitchen and yep, there they were, two birds, VERY well-done. I turned the stove off and threw open the doors and windows. I reassured my (very alarmed) neighbours that the smoke was indeed coming from our apartment and everything was fine. Now the mess is all cleaned up. What I learnt from this?

1. Since I still smell of carbonized chicken, fragrance manufacturers should look into using it in perfumes (Eau de Dead Bird, anyone?)
2. Jennifer Lopez has an annoyingly thin schoolgirl voice when she talks.
3. My mom should hire a chef.

On a style note, I'm wearing everything old today. I bought this top while in college in India, but it's still good as new. I love the print. These dark wash jeans are my favourite and best-fitting ones. They're getting worn out but I'm not ready to give them up yet. And the heels are one of the first high heels I bought in Bahrain. They're only 4 inches high. Shame on me.

Happy Thursday! xxx

Shabana Feroze


  1. Love the outfit, including the shoes.. Lower shoes are good when busting out moves on the dance floor. Old is gold, init ;)

  2. Thank you! Yes, definitely! xxx


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