10 things this year has taught me so far

Top: Zara, Shorts: Mango, Shoes: New Look, Bracelets: Various, Earrings: Gifted, Sunnies: Armani. 
This year has felt like each month was a year long. I have gone through many ups and downs, changed homes, changed countries and changed opinions. So far these are the 10 things I have learnt:
  1. You have it in you to get through anything. But sometimes you forget and just need a hug and be told, "You have it in you. You can do this."
  2. Facing your fears is harder than running away from them, but it makes everything so much easier in the long run. And you can never run away from yourself.
  3. Be very careful about who you allow to influence your judgment. Only you know what's right for you. People are selfish and will always influence you with their own agenda in mind.
  4. The reason why you make the same mistakes over and over is because you didn't learn the lesson from it the first few times. Once you learn what it has to teach you and promise yourself never to make that mistake again, you won't.
  5. Communicate openly and honestly. Almost all misunderstandings happen because of the wrong things said or said in the wrong tone.
  6. Really learn how to live in the moment. Slow down and appreciate the small things that make you happy. Life's a journey, not a race. 
  7. Shit happens. If you have the ability to laugh it off, you've got it made. 
  8. Nobody should tell you what you should want. Listen to your heart and your intuition and you'll know what you really want.
  9. Let people agree with you through actions, not arguments. When you go ahead and do what you have to and others see the results, they'll agree with you. 
  10. You will change over and over again. It's ok. Don’t worry about figuring out who you are just yet.

Life is about loving yourself and the people who love you for who you are. Always know that what lies ahead is far better than what you left behind. And when you can go no further, look back and see how far you've come, take a deep breath, and smile.

Shabana Feroze

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