Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Little Delights Tuesday

  • Being told "I'm always here for you" without being asked.
  • A friend offering me the shirt off of his back because I was cold. Chivalry isn't dead.
  • Looking out at the view of the city, the gorgeous blue sea and the horizon through huge plate glass windows at my brother's 9th floor apartment.
  • Opening a Grazia and seeing a picture of me at an event. 
  • Moroccan tea.
  • Rain drops falling on my head.
  • Laughing so loud at a cafe that other people turn to look at you.
  • Being asked to step out of the car just so I can be wrapped in a biiiiig hug.
  • Doing tai chi after ages.
  • Eating the most divine chocolate cake. At night. In a dream. Bizarre but true.
  • Finding a delightful book in an unexpected place.
  • This scene. Oh, King Julian.
Tell me yours! Happy Tuesday!

Monday, 26 March 2012

Clouds in my coffee

Shirt: Playlife, Jeans: Zara, Belt: Mango, Shoes: Miss Selfridge, Earrings: H&M, Ring: Gifted, Watch: Swatch

 It's raining today! Not a heavy downpour, but it's been drizzling. Which is the weirdest thing since we're almost at the end of March and summer's supposed to be setting in. But I'm not complaining. I luuurrrrve an overcast sky and the rain. I could sit for hours and just stare at the sky and the clouds with a big stupid grin on my face. I guess living in the desert will do that to you. 
On what I'm wearing, I generally tend to avoid black but I haven't worn it in sometime. So I decided to pull on my favourite black shirt. I love the detail on the front and the smart cuffs. These ice blue jeans contrast it well and the pink heels add colour. I accessorized with big earrings, my colourful ring and my tan belt to complete the look. And since I'm afraid black tends to make me look washed out, I put on my punchiest lipcolour by layering berry lip gloss on top of bright pink lipliner.

Sunday, 25 March 2012


Blazer: ?, Top and Handbag: Mango, Jeans: Zara, Shoes: New Look, Necklace: Gifted, Bangle: from Bahrain, Watch: Swatch

I built this look from the heels up. I just really wanted to wear these monsters. So I added the jeans, top, and pulled it together with my trusty black blazer. I put on a matching (so not like me, but it's ok to not be yourself somedays) chunky bangle. I love the way the red handbag gives a nice pop of colour to the look. And because I have this song playing in my head on repeat, I've decided to put it here. (Don't you love the video?)

Thanks for stopping by! xxx

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Slouchy Friday

Blouse and Skirt: Zara, Boots: Payless, Bangles: Various, Watch: Swatch

This is what I wore yesterday. I had an unplanned Friday ahead of me with one of my favourite people so I wanted to make sure I've got these boots on! I was in a slouchy mood (It's a real mood. Even though I just made it up.) so I paired this baggy blouse with my ruffled skirt. The outfit is so comfy and I can do a lot of walking in these boots. It was the perfect ensemble for a spontaneous Friday that involved a visit to the park at sunset, a long drive, going to a movie, falling asleep then leaving. It takes a lot of courage to walk out of a movie. I'm so proud of myself. Haha!
Hope you had a great Friday!

Monday, 19 March 2012

Lucky me!

Top and Jeans: Zara, Shoes: Dorothy Perkins, Bangles: Various, Earrings and Necklace: H&M, Handbag: Mango, Watch: Swatch

Huzefa and I found this quaint little cafe with outdoor seating (at midnight, we've become owls) yesterday. We sat there all night laughing and drinking Moroccan tea. On the way back home (at 4 am in the morning, natch), we got pulled over by a cop car. Apparently I had made an illegal turn on the road (believe me, I had no clue it was illegal). We explained to him that I'd been driving in Bahrain before this and there was no sign saying I couldn't make that turn. After taking my licence and the car's ownership card, the cop said he would have to fine me. (my brother had warned me that the laws and cops in Dubai are really strict and I should NOT get into trouble with them. So this was really, really not good!) We pleaded with him that I really didn't know and it was a mistake. He went back to his car. He made us sweat for what seemed like ages, then came back and said, "Don't do it again. Go." and gave me back my cards. Whe-eeewww! And this morning when I spoke to someone about the incident, they said that the cops never let someone go like that and that I'm really lucky.

I know. I am.

Hope you didn't have a crazy Monday!

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Let's Lounge

Top: F21, Jeans: Zara, Ring: Gifted

Happy Sunday! Hope you got to lounge around as much as I did! 

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Get lost!

Lace top: Bershka, Pink T-shirt: H&M, Shorts: Mango, Shoes: Miss Selfridge, Earrings: F21, Bangle: Gifted, Watch: Vintage

My brother and his wife have gone to Delhi for a week. So I'm all alone. A day before leaving my brother looks straight at me and asks, "You're going to be alone for a week. Are you scared?" Hmm..  I have a house, a car and the city to myself. Scared. No. Excited? Yes. I'm ready to rock 'n' roll baybay! All I want to do is drive all over town and absorb as much as possible and learn the roads. A part of which I did last night, btw. A friend and I went to Dubai Mall and then took the wrong exit on the way out and reached God-knows-where. (There was a road sign saying 'Muscat, Oman' and we were tempted to go.) I mean, we couldn't even see the Burj, we were that lost! (We live very close to the Burj and it IS tallest building in the world. We knew we were screwed when we couldn't see it!) Anyhow, it was the most fun getting lost, singing along to songs playing in the car and giggling away. I did find my way back to the house eventually (obviously!).
P.S: I hate GPS. I like getting lost.

Friday, 16 March 2012

Lindt Dark Chocolate Mousse and the first day of Summer!

My friend Huzefa came over last night and he made his famous chocolate mousse while I made my famous hummus. I don't think I've had this much fun cooking with someone. One batch of molten chocolate got ruined, I kept referring to the mousse as 'hu-mousse' (not in a funny way.), we crushed Oreos in the smoothie-maker, and a lot of clumsy spoon and cake dropping later, (Yep...This mousse has a layer of cake!) it was finally ready to go into the fridge to set. By now you're probably wondering how he made it, but I can't give you the recipe or else Huzefa will give away my secret hummus recipe. But what I can reveal is that we made it with Lindt Dark Chocolate. The mousse, not the hummus. 
The creamy chocolatey mousse-y part of it.
Sprinkling the crushed Oreos on top.
The chef concentrating very hard to strike a pose.
Straciatella cake 
Done! It was absolutely decadent!
 And as for the look du jour...
Entire outfit: Mango, Shoes: New Look, Ring: Accessorize, Necklace: Gifted

I feel like Mango threw up on me today. Though in a nice way. Anyways, this tweed skirt is one of my favourites. Soft and warm. Speaking of which, the weather was warm today! It felt like the first day of summer. Whoooop! I wanted to bask and dance in the glorious sunshine! And speaking of which I now realize most of my summer clothes are in Bahrain. Hmmm. Half my stuff is in Bahrain and half my stuff is here in Dubai. I could so be freaking out right now.

Happy Weekend!