Nail Art by Bourjois

Bourjois sent me this Nail Art kit recently and I finally tried it out yesterday.

This is the kit.

It's not perfect but considering this is the first time I did something like this, I'm happy with it. 
The instructions are on the back, but there's always a difference to what the instructions tell you and how you do it. So this is how I did it. I followed the instructions, with a few tweaks. 

 I used these nail colours: A base coat, a pink polish, a blue one and a top coat.

This is what's inside the kit: stencils, stickers, and silver sticky tape. Quite a lot of stuff which I'm guessing will last me quite long!

So here's what I did:
1. I painted a base coat, and then the pink. {Wait for it to dry completely.} Now the tricky part- painting the little blue triangles on top of my nails using the stencils. Thankfully the stencils are really good and sticky, so it was easy. Put the stencils on all 5 fingers and then start painting. I painted all 5 and then peeled the stencil off. Painting all 5 fingers together helped the paint dry a bit which helped me peel off the stencil without smudging.
 Tip: Cut off the top part of the stencil to make it easier.
I know this pic is slightly blurry but I've taken these with my phone. I'm so smart that after I started I realized there's no one home to take pics. So all these have been taken by me, with one hand. Except the last one of course.

This was the result.

2. The tape. Very tricky. If you have a sister or best friend, ask them to help you with this. I stuck the tape on directly from the roll and then snipped it with scissors. 
Tip: You'll have a teeny bit of excess tape on the edge of your nails. Cut it off using nail clippers. 

3. I stuck the stickers on and then painted the top coat. I did two coats of top coat to make sure all the stickers sealed in.

Et voila! Pretty nails! 

Shabana Feroze

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