Trip to Moodubelle, Part I

On 20 July I left for Karnataka, India, with a friend, to go to Moodubelle, her native place, for 2 weeks. Last year a friend's parents inaugurated their new home and we would be staying there. My friend had told me it was a beautiful place surrounded by greenery. Me being a nature freak and desperately craving R&R, couldn't wait to go. When I arrived there I realized it's not 'surrounded by greenery', the entire place is a forest! People have managed to make roads, homes and set up shops within this forest. And it's frikkin' gorgeous, as you'll see. We went during the monsoon, so it was even greener and raining alllll the time. I love the rain so it was perfect.
My friend's house is an absolute delight, with minimal furnishings and a beautiful terrace which has an aluminium ceiling so you can hear the rain thrumming. 

These are photos of Moodubelle only. Click on the photos to enlarge them.
View from the back door.
Well in the backyard.
View from the terrace.

We did a bit of shooting for fun. No one got hurt, I promise.

Kapu Beach
This is a beach on the Arabian Sea. What's amazing about it is that you have the salty sea on one side, and a sweet-water river on the other.
Sweet water river

Paddy Fields
Behind my friend's grandparents' home, are huge expanses of rice fields flanked by coconut groves.

I managed to catch glimpses of many peacocks and peahens while there. I was even lucky enough to watch a beautiful peacock take flight. Unfortunately I wasn't fast enough to capture any on film. :(

During our stay we visited Manipal and Coorg, and I went to Mangalore to meet old friends. The next post will have pictures from these places.

Shabana Feroze


  1. Super!! Seems you are living a life long party..always happening :)

    First i thought the place is somewhere in my State, Kerala. The landscape is so typical of Kerala..Nice to know that Karnataka is as beautiful..

    Enjoy your time..Jomy


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