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Someone recently asked me, "What do you love?". I was stumped for a while. I realized that this wasn't an easy question to answer. I mean, it's easy to tell someone what I hate- wedges, flat shoes, hypocrites and people that are mean to animals, but what do I love? Obviously, the first things that sprang to mind are my mom and the colour pink, but I couldn't think beyond that at the spur of the moment. So after a lot of thinking, this is what I know I love:

1. People that think independently.
I love people that question and doubt social norms, traditions, and stereotypical ways of thinking. They don't do things just because everyone else is doing it. More importantly, they don't do things even though everyone else is convinced it's right. They argue with themselves and others about the relevance of everything and try to get people to open up their minds as well. After all, great minds think alone.

2. Gentleness.
It takes a lot of courage to be gentle and kind. Any person can be hateful and spiteful, and scream and shout their way through life. People that are gentle towards others, and gentle towards animals, warm my heart.

3. Hugs.
I lurrrve hugs. Being enveloped by warm arms is one of the best feelings ever. I hug my family and friends all the time. It makes me happy, and it brightens the other person's day.

4. Writing.
Whether for myself, whether for others to read, I love writing. I express myself better in the written word.

5. Dressing up.
I love putting outfits together. Matching prints, colours and textures, adding jewelry and accessories, then finding the perfect shoes and handbag to go with it all. It gives me immense joy.

6. Drawing.
I've been drawing since I could hold a pencil. A plain sheet of paper never fails to calm me down. What I love doing the most is transferring my thoughts onto paper in the form of an image.

7. Reading.
I could live in a library all my life and never complain. Since I was little I've read many, many books, from all genres- classic literature, fiction, non-fiction, philosophy, poetry, self-help, management and fairy tales. I dream of a life where I could do nothing but read all day.

8. Travel.
Seeing new places, meeting new people and getting to know different cultures- travelling is one of my biggest passions. I constantly wish I could do more of it.

9. Exercise.
You'll probably hate me for this one, but it's true. I love working out. I love the feeling of being able to push my body and endurance during a workout and I love the sense of achievement after. I even love the pain of sore muscles the next day.

10. Outfit Blogging.
When I started this blog 3 years ago, I didn't have a DSLR camera, I didn't have a photographer and I had only my own terrace as a location. But I'm so frikkin' glad I did. This one thing lets me do so many things I love- dress up, write, and even travel as I constantly look for locations to take pics. And of course, the best part about having a blog is getting to know more people {like you, dear reader}, and connecting with them. I've certainly made many new friends all over the world since I started blogging.

It's funny that I had to think so hard and for so long to put these down. We know just exactly what we don't like, but what we truly, passionately love, takes a lot of soul-searching. But once we know, it brings clarity and insight into who we are as a person.
Shabana Feroze

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