16 Tips On How To Shop Smart

Not everyone loves to shop but everyone hates buying things that hang in their closet for ages, never worn. Or experiencing buyers regret- when you've bought something but once you're home you regret spending your hard-earned cash on it because it doesn't feel like it was worth it. Here are 16 tips to ensure you always buy clothes, bags and shoes that you’ll love forever:

1. Shop with the right person   
Find a friend who genuinely loves you and loves spending time with you. Make sure this person isn't jealous of you in any way. If they’re a real friend, they won’t mind waiting while you change into one outfit after another, give you honest feedback, and not be envious of you spending a lot of money or looking fabulous in that little red dress you just tried on. It doesn’t matter if they don’t have the same taste in clothes as you do. As long as they truly love you, they’ll give you honest feedback. If you don’t have such a friend, go alone. But trust me; don’t go for serious shopping with someone you just met or with a man. You’ll end up buying things you hate.

2. Don’t shop on an empty stomach
 If you’re hungry, feed yourself first, and then shop. When you’re hungry you’re focused on the hunger and may end up buying things you don’t like, similar to…

3. Shopping when you’re upset or angry
Don’t do it. You’ll make rash decisions when buying or you’ll end up spending a lot on frivolous things just to cheer you up. Shop with a clear, calm mind.

4. When buying jackets
Flex your arm to see if it feels comfortable enough. The upper part of your arm is usually fleshier. {Very important if you have biceps like me.} Button/ zip up the jacket.  If it looks good closed, it’ll look good open.

5.  Buy shoes in the evening
Your feet are the most swollen at the end of the day. Go shoe shopping then.

6.  Make up
Tried on a new lip colour/ foundation/ eyeliner but don’t know if it really suits you? Don’t purchase it yet. Leave it on while you do the rest of your shopping or errands. When you’re done, look in the mirror- has it smeared? Has the colour changed? Do you still love it? If you’re completely happy, buy it.

7. Should I buy that expensive dress?
If you don’t know whether to buy that really expensive but gorgeous dress/ top/ jacket/ shoes, walk away.  If it’s still on your mind the next day, buy it.

8. Use cash
Withdraw a certain amount from the bank and tell yourself that you will use only that much for shopping today. If you use cash you give yourself more control over your spending.

9. Your shopping outfit
Wear a button down shirt so that you don’t mess up your hair each time you take it off to try something on. Wear pants or a skirt that comes off easily, and flat shoes that are easy to remove and put on.

10.   Buying for a special occasion
Wear the right innerwear and make up, and do your hair the way it will be on the special day. This way you can see how the entire look will be when you try clothes on.

11.  Buying bags
Wear the bag on your arm or shoulder. See how it feels. If you still like it, transfer the key contents of your current bag –like your money purse, lipstick, compact, etc, to the bag you want to buy. Make sure it can hold all your necessities without looking like it’s going to burst.

12.   Don’t buy it if you haven’t tried it on
Make this your number one rule to avoid buyer’s regret. If you’re in a hurry, click a photo of it and come back when you have the time to try it on.  Even if you’ve tried it on in one colour and want to get it in more colours, try on all those other colours. Even if it fits you perfectly, it may look horrendous on you in the other colours.

13.   If it’s that time of the month
Your body will feel bloated and you’ll have water retention a week before and during your period. Keep this in mind when you’re trying on tight clothes. 

14.   Shopping for jeans
When buying jeans always buy one size smaller, even if you can barely close the button. They’ll stretch. Make sure they have enough lycra in them for a good, snug fit. 

15.   Buy quality winterwear
Sweaters and heavy winter coats are investment pieces. Cheap fabric and bad knitting tend to show very easily in sweaters and coats in a few wears. 

16. Buy it if it makes you do a happy dance
You know that feeling when you try something on in the fitting room and you can't believe how amazing you look and you just want to do a little happy dance right there? Yeah. If something doesn't make you do the happy dance, don't buy it. 

Happy Shopping!

Shabana Feroze

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