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Hi! I'm Shabana. I live in Bahrain. I'm a businesswoman by day and a fitness instructor by night. I believe that dressing up is the easiest way of loving yourself, and this blog is where I journal my outfits and my life. If you'd like to know more, click on the About Me tab on top. I hope you enjoy my blog!

You know you're an introvert when...

Dress: H&M, Blazer: Zara, Stockings: Aldo, Shoes: Steve Madden, Sunnies: Armani.
Photos: Paul Gomes. 

Yup, I admit, I'm an introvert. A lot of people who follow me online are surprised when they get to know I'm shy in person.To tell you the truth, it's only been recently that I've discovered that I'm an introvert. {I never really thought of myself as an extrovert earlier, probably thought of myself as very reserved. Which is such an introvert cliché.} On my many hours reading and finding material to read on the internet, I came across a few articles talking about introversion. And had way too many 'OMG THAT'S SO ME!' moments.

Now that I know I'm an introvert, I'm much more comfortable in my skin. Now I know that it's normal for people like me to over over overthink things, daydream as much as I do, be very quiet even in small groups, and absolutely loathe that ubiquitous monster of social interaction- small talk.

And so, I put together a small list called:

You know you're an introvert when:

  • You're lonelier in crowds than when you're alone at home.
  • People tell you you're 'quiet', 'shy', and a 'good listener'.
  • Going to a party where there are over a thousand people is your idea of hell.
  • You're just as talkative as everyone else, but only around your super-tight circle of friends.
  • People drain your energy. This lost energy is gotten back only after you've spent time by yourself, doing the things you love.
  • Only when people open up and talk about their dreams and passions, does it truly interest you. 
  • Coffee at a quiet place with an intimate friend and good conversation is preferred over dancing at a club filled with strangers anytime.
  • You hate talking on the phone and prefer to text.
  • You've been labelled 'snobby', 'proud', or 'stuck-up' sometime or the other in your life.

On a style note, a cotton pencil dress, paired with a blazer and peep-toes is great for the workplace. Substitute the printed stockings with plain sheer or opaque black ones for a more formal look. 
Bonus tip: Get rid of the blazer and stockings to take this look from day to night. 

Shabana Feroze
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  1. I too am an introvert. But some people just don't understand that we need our "alone time" sometimes.
    Love the look, especially that dress!

    1. Yes, true! I need my alone time all the time!
      Thank you! xoxo

  2. LOVE this look!!!!! it is so so chic and sophisticated!!!!

    I want those stockings!!! Im soooo going to Aldo!!!

    And i am an absolute extrovert! :P :P except for the "Coffee at a quiet place with an intimate friend and good conversation is preferred over dancing at a club filled with strangers anytime" bit. That i absolutely agree with! :)

  3. Replies
    1. Good for you! Sometimes I wish I could be an extrovert!


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