Mohammed weds Shanti {and the Tayyeb family have a blast!}

On March 2nd, my first cousin Mohammed Muchhala got married to Shanti Vishwakarma in Vashi, New Bombay, India. 

Mohammed is the son of Yasmin, my dad's older sister. So almost my entire paternal family {the Tayyeb family, as we call ourselves}, was there. The wedding reception was typical- the bride and groom were on a stage and their friends took pictures with the happy two. Then guests had dinner, wished the beaming couple a long happy married life blah blah blah, and left. Scroll down to see a few photos from the sane part of the reception. You'll realize very soon why I said 'sane'.

Mohammed and Shanti

That's my dad. He does this thing where he lifts babies in one hand. Remember this, you'll see why later.

Me with my aunt Yasmin, the groom's mom.

Remember how I told you that was the sane part? Why? Because later, after all the guests had left, the Tayyeb family started their whackiness. Keep scrolling down. 

These three are siblings- my oldest uncle Azhar, his younger sister {my aunt} Yasmin, and my dad Feroze. Uncle Azhar is the craziest by far. He's the funnyman of the Tayyeb family and constantly has everyone in stitches. Right after I asked them to sit for this photo for me, he suggested that he close his mouth, my aunt Yasmin closes her ears, and my dad closes his eyes, which looked something like this:

So now they were Gandhi's 3 monkeys- Speak no evil, hear no evil, see no evil. 

And that set the tone for a bunch of mad family photos. 

Me with my brothers Moayyed and Arif.

Cousin Huma with hubby Clyde.

                                               Tasneem with her husband {my cousin} Hunaid.

With daughter Sara.

Uncle Azhar with aunt Sayema. He stole her 'dupatta', {a long piece of cloth worn around the neck.} Then we made her unveil his face as if he were a shy newlywed bride.

My dad, probably thinking, 'What a family!'.

Remember I told you how my dad likes to pick up babies in one hand? Well, all of us challenged him to pick my mom in one hand!

Aunt Yasmin with uncle Shabbir in role reversal. 


And the last couple- the bride and groom. We made them enact what they'd probably be doing their whole married life.

Cousin Mona with my nieces Sara and Sana.

Sara wanted aunt Mona to die a happy death.

Both the kiddos with me. Sara was a bit too strangle-happy.

Just the ladies. The waiter's expression behind says it all.

After the wedding, at about 12 midnight, Huma and Clyde took my brothers and I for a drive around Bombay. We took in the sights and stopped at Marine Drive.

By far, THE best wedding I have ever attended.

All I did was laugh, laugh and laugh some more. 

Until next time, ciao! xxx

Shabana Feroze


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