Periwinkle and LesMills BODYBALANCE™ {I know, that title sounds like a Disney movie.}

Top: Own design, Jeans: Bershka, Bracelet: Debenhams, Watch: Gifted, Handbag: Caprese, Boots: Miss Selfridge. Photos: Paul Gomes.

I love satin and I love periwinkle. This blouse is the perfect marriage of both. Black skinny jeans and black booties make this look look edgy while a pink belt and a red bag add a subtle contrast in color. I completed the look with glam silver jewelry. I know that was all a bit rushed but I'm just so excited to tell you the next part!

Remember how I told you in this post that since I quit my job I'd be training to get more fitness certifications? So, for that, this last weekend I was in Dubai to train for a new program- LesMills BODYBALANCE™. Body Balance is a Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates workout that leaves you feeling long, strong, calm and centered. Here's a video to show you better:

It was 2 days of intensive training {10-12 hours of yoga + theory every day! I can feel muscles in my body I never knew I had.} which ended in a test and I'm happy to say I passed. Whew! And Yay!

I've done Body Balance as a class participant for a few years and I loved it. I've always been crazy about Yoga and have been doing it since I was a teen. Since Balance is mainly Yoga with a bit of Tai Chi to calm, and Pilates for the abs, it's a great mix which makes it an amazing class. 

Once I received my international certification in BODYCOMBAT and started teaching, the next program I wanted to do was Body Balance. And what better time than after quitting my job? So now that I passed the initial training, I have 3 months to train and practice for my international certification. So, lots of work to do! Got to attend more Yoga classes to make myself more flexible, got to study and practice Balance and of course, my Combat classes are going on as scheduled. And here I thought that I'd sleep for 2 months after my last day at work, haha! {But knowing me, I could never do that. I have too much restless energy!}

Until the next post, ciao! xoxox

Shabana Feroze


  1. I absolutely love this outfit! At first glance I thought the shirt was a denim, but it's not! Love the look you've put together!


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