So many bloody annoying things... &*%#$!

Top & Skirt: Zara, Jacket: H&M, Bracelet: Debenhams, Handbag: Aldo, Shoes: Steve Madden. Photos: Arif Feroze.

Some days you just can't seem to get it right. Take this shoot for instance. Arif brought me to this crazy-beautiful location but there was something or the other going wrong when we clicked pictures. Either the sun was in my face, or there were too many people and cars behind me- and since this is a long road we had to wait for them to get out of sight before clicking- or I looked too annoyed {I hate those pictures where my lips are smiling but there's a frown on my forehead}. The weather was yucky and sticky- humid with a slight breeze which meant my hair kept sticking to my face. Ew. And finally, when the people and cars cleared, a fly starting bugging me! UGHH! 

It was so disappointing when I received the photos from Arif, because I realized that I really, truly, love the outfit I have on, I'm mad about the location, but the photos just didn't turn out the way I wanted them to be. Sigh. And the worst part- in all the annoyances, we forgot to take a pic of my earrings. And they're just so bloody lovely! Argh! 

But it happens. Life goes on. You gotta smile and tell yourself you'll do better next time.

Until next time, stay happy. xoxox

Shabana Feroze


  1. Shabana, I wouldn't have known it without the narration...was getting ready to say that I love the whole palette...and that the heels enhance your silhouette perfectly!


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