Gift Ideas for Her

A lot of us have a hard time finding gifts for the people around us. Especially for the guys, when it comes to finding gifts for us ladies. So I decided to help the poor dears out. Here's a list of reasonably priced gifts you can get for your mother, sister, wife, girlfriend, colleague, female friend, sister-in-law, cousin sister... You get the idea.

  •  Travel pouches, scents, mugs and bath stuff packs from Marks & Spencer. 
  • Teacup sets, shoe boxes in different sizes from Lifestyle, Centrepoint.
  • Jewelry from Aldo.

  • Fine imitation jewelry from Debenhams and Marks & Spencer.

  • Statement necklaces from Zara.

  • Leather-bound notebooks from Jashanmal.
  • Books from her favourite author {that she hasn’t read}.
  • Bath sets and Body Butter from Body Shop.

  • Gym bag and gym bottle- don’t gift these as a way to make her go to the gym. That's just mean.
  • Personalized mugs/ key chains/ mirrors that have a photo or favorite saying of hers printed on it. You can get these done from various shops around town, and a few kiosks in the malls.
  • Tea sets, signs, frames from Pachachic.
  • Nail polish in her favourite colors from OPI and China Glaze. You can find them at Va Va Voom and Sephora at the malls.

  • Music system from any electronic store.
  • Portable chargers. {We girls generally don't tend to get these things for ourselves. At least I don't.}
  • Jewelry boxes from Lifestyle, Debenhams, Marks & Spencer.

  • Jewelry trees from Lifestyle, Debenhams.

  • Candle holders and scented candles from Lifestyle and Manazel.

That's it. Hopefully I've given you plenty of ideas to get a great gift for the women in your life. Of course, gift ideas are not limited to this list. Happy gifting! 

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Shabana Feroze

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