Get yourself some fragrance therapy today

You're probably wondering what industrial-sized bottles of shampoo and conditioner have got to do with fragrance therapy. Let me explain. As you know, I'm not very high maintenance. Like a friend of mine once said- not like those girls who have to go to the salon even before they go to the toilet for a poop. I'm not fussy about what shampoo and conditioner I use. After years of washing and conditioning my hair, I know that ALL shampoos and conditioners are the SAME. But also, after years of washing and conditioning my hair, especially since I grew it out, I've noticed that I go through a lot of shampoo and conditioner. Almost every forty five days I'm buying another bottle of shampoo and conditioner, and though it's not very expensive, it still adds up. I know, still nothing to do with fragrance therapy, but stay with me.

So I chanced upon these 5 litre bottles of shampoo and conditioner {let's call them S & C for brevity's sake}, a few weeks back and promised myself I'd buy them once the ones I had got over. This week my S & C finished, so I went to the shop. I had a headache and I wasn't in the best of moods when I entered. I told the saleswoman I wanted the 5 l bottles of S & C. That's when she made me sniff the one in the pic. AND OHMIGOD. Blast-from-the-past-twilight-zone moment! It was the same shampoo with which my hairdresser used to wash my hair! {I had been going to her for years and years before I stopped, to let my hair grow out.} I would always love the almond-y smell of the S & C she used on my hair. She was brilliant with the hair wash and always gave me a long, gorgeous head massage during.

So you see, all these memories came flooding back in the microsecond that it took me to sniff the shampoo. And the most amazing thing happened- the headache and fatigue I was feeling when I entered the shop, disappeared! I felt amazingly cheered up for almost an entire hour after.

It's crazy how something as simple as a smell can trigger memories and completely change your mood. And it convinced me to use aromatherapy more often. {I lit a scented candle before I sat down to write this post.}

So maybe try some fragrance therapy for yourself today- maybe light some scented candles, go to a bakery to smell freshly-baked bread, cook something with cinnamon in it, or spray your favorite perfume on... whatever makes you feel happy... while I go wash my hair.

Shabana Feroze


  1. I am going to get the S of this set! It smells delicious!

  2. This story is hilarious!
    I get the same way when I walk into a bakery. Oh the smell of freshly baked bread, or the smell of butter. Oh smell so good. It just takes me to my happy place of cake land. :D


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