Tips for travelling to Thailand

So if you've been following my posts recently, you know I was recently holidaying in Thailand. I visited Pattaya, Koh Samui and Bangkok.

I had a brilliant time, but now I know many things that I want to do more of the next time I visit, and many things I wish I hadn't wasted my time on. And if you're planning on visiting soon, these are the tips I'd give you:


Pattaya is a sin city. It's known for its cavalier attitude to everything considered taboo. Which is a great reason to visit. Although I'd advise not more than 3 nights, as that's plenty to see and do everything.

  • Go to the Tiffany's Show. Performed entirely by ladyboys and men, it's well worth the money and time. 
  • Take a walk at Walking Street, the strip of road that has all the bars and strip clubs.
  • Visit a few bars in Walking Street that have live bands. Some have singers that are exceptionally good.
  • Visit the Sanctuary of Truth. Take a guide to show you around.
  • Get lots of massages! They're cheap and great in this city!
  • Eat at local Thai joints. They have amazingly tasty local cuisine.
  • Take a hot air balloon ride in the Ripley's balloon. They just take you up and then bring you down again! I wouldn't do that for free, let alone the 1000+THB they charge for it.

Koh Samui

'Koh' means island in Thai. I was here for 3 nights, and belatedly realized that that wasn't enough. There aren't many things to see and do here, but there are gorgeous beaches and waters to just relax in, as well as many other islands around that you can visit just for looking at their natural beauty.

  • Stay at a resort that has a beach front. It was such a convenience that I had a personal strip of beach, where the resort provided chairs to relax in. 
  • Go snorkelling to Koh Nang Yuang and Koh Tao. Do it in this order since they start you off on a small beach at Koh Nang Yuang, so you get a feel of the snorkel on your face, and life under water. Then they take you to Koh Tao, where you're snorkelling in the deep ocean, which can be overwhelming if you started off with the ocean first.
  • Get a massage on the beach. Such a novel experience!
  • Go on the island safari. It cost me 1500 THB and it was a terrible waste of time and money. Everything they took me to see and do wasn't amazing or unique, except for the Hin Ta and Hin Yai rocks, which I could have visited myself. 


Bangkok is a busy city, known for its shopping. I found it to be very similar to Dubai, just with more buildings per square meter. I was here for 3 nights and trust me, if I were there longer, I would have emptied my bank account!

  • Check out the local shopping malls like MBK, Pratuwan and Platinum.
  • Bargain! 
  • Visit any roof-top bar in a high-rise. The view of the city at night is stunning.
  • Buy too many Thai products. The quality isn't great. 
  • Keep a check on how much you're spending in the malls, or you'll finish your money. I kept a check by making a note in my phone of how much I spent and on what, so I always knew how much money I spent in total.

General DO'S and DON'Ts:

  • Wear a LOT of sunscreen. SPF 50. Waterproof. And carry a hat.
  • Eat at Sizzler. This franchise lets you order a steak and then gives you unlimited access to its huge salad and soup bar. The food is out of this world, and very cheap! Don't forget to order the carafe of iced lemon tea. It's the best I have ever tasted. 
  • Share food. Thai food comes in large quantities. If there are two of you, I'd advise ordering one dish and sharing it. For example, order one soup, and one main course, and then see if you want to order more. I ended up wasting a lot of delicious food because I was greedy and couldn't finish it all.

  • Visit any animal shows, especially if you're an animal lover. The animals are drugged and made to do unnatural things. Such a disgrace. Read more HERE.
  • Finish all your money in tips! Everyone expects a tip here, but don't be too generous or you'll have emptied your pockets.

That's all! Enjoy your holiday, and come back and let me know what Do's and Don'ts you'd add to my list. xxx

Shabana Feroze


  1. Good stuff Shabana...can't wait to go there...
    Also followed your link about the Tiger Temple...completely heartbreaking...I don't like to visit circuses for the same reason...dislike watching animals doing silly tricks so that a whole bunch of us can have a good laugh.

    1. Thanks Anne. It is, isn't it. Disgraceful how people bully animals to make a living!


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