And I have my first New Year's Resolution!

Top: Uniqlo, Skirt: Zara, Necklace: Forever21, Bracelet: c/o I Am, Watch and Ring: Vintage, Bag: Debenhams, Shoes: New Look. Photos: Arif Feroze.

When I took these pictures I had meetings in the morning, hence the formal look. I like how the white contrasts with the navy blue. I got this necklace from Forever21 quite some time back but with this outfit I finally got a chance to wear it. The tribal design is gorgeous, without making the necklace too chunky. I prefer wearing necklaces inside, than buttoning up the shirt and wearing it on top. I've done that before but it looks masculine since men button up their shirts completely. A thin belt knotted on the skirt {for the life of me I can't remember where I got that belt from. Probably Forever21 itself.}, and thin gold accessories complete the look. Since I had hints of gold in the outfit, I wore these nude heels with gold detail. I like how they match the necklace.

I bought this shirt from Uniqlo in Thailand. Unfortunately, Uniqlo is nowhere in the GCC. I'm in love with their stuff, especially this shirt. It's 100% silk. {You know me and my obsession with silk.} I have very few button-downs and after wearing this shirt I want to make button-downs in all colors in silk. Notice I said 'make', not 'get'. It's just easier to buy the material and get button-downs stitched, because almost every single time I've bought a button-down it's had the same problem- the gap between the third and fourth button gapes wide, giving everyone a glimpse of my bra. {Same with this one too.} Argh! I always have to get my mom to put a button in between those two buttons to make the material sit. Which is why I'd rather get my button-downs tailored. And of course, you can get your choice of color, and make sure that the sleeves are the length you want.

I also want my button-downs in silk because it completely takes away the masculinity of a button-down. {I've never been a fan of masculine dressing. I don't understand why women would want to look like men.} Collared shirts in cotton look stiff and very formal and man-like. Silk makes them look softer, feminine, uber-elegant, and of course, they feel fantastic against your skin.

So yep, this will probably be my New Year's resolution. In 2015, get button-downs made in silk, in every color. How's that for a unique New Year resolution? Haha!

Shabana Feroze

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