Falling in Love with Inglot

Last week Inglot flew me out to Dubai to attend their Bloggers Beauty Retreat. Bloggers from UAE and the GCC were brought together to launch their new Fall in Love collection and also help mark Dubai Shopping Festival's 20th anniversary. And what a retreat it was! From being shown my en suite hotel room with roses and little gifts from Inglot, to dinner near the glorious Dubai fountains, to being driven around in stretch limos, we were treated like royalty. 

Goes well with my coat, don't you think?
Me with a few of the other bloggers inside the limo.

On the day of the Beauty Retreat, we started off with a stop at the Inglot shop in Mall of the Emirates. It was hilarious to see how all the bloggers flew at the make up. With Inglot's enormous range of shades, and the 'Freedom System' where you can choose any shade of concealer, lip color, eye shadow, et al, and get it in a customized palette, I didn't blame them. And of course, I practiced huge restraint in not going crazy myself.

The Freedom System

All of us!

After that, we were taken to the Burj Al Arab, part of a short tour of Dubai.

Onwards to Dubai Mall, which houses the Inglot flagship store, and where the new Fall in Love collection was going to be launched. The Inglot shop here was like a party. With three couples in beautiful costumes, a message board, seats for the bloggers, and hors d'oeuvres being served, it was fantastical.

International make-up artist Ambika Pillai launched the Fall in Love collection, and then went on to show us a make up demo.

The couples in costumes had all their make up done using Inglot products {whoa!}. 

This Beauty knows how to retaliate to her Beast.
Lovely white shades of Swan Lake 
And my favorites- Avatars.
Just look at their make up!

Inglot is known to have make up that is intense and long lasting. Which was well-proven by these couples in costumes. I've been using their products for years, and I love, love, LOVE the fact that they have SO many shades of EVERYTHING, their sales staff and make up artists are very helpful and honest {you want honest. I tried on two lipsticks and the make up artist told me honestly that one didn't suit me. I love that!}, and their Freedom System where you can choose whatever colors you want and get it in a palette. And of course, their prices are very, very, reasonable.

I haven't spoken much about the Fall in Love collection here as surprise, surprise! I'll be giving away TWO sets of the collection soon! So I'll be telling you all about the collection in that post. Watch this space!

Inglot is in Bahrain City Centre, Seef Mall, and has recently opened in The Centre, Sanad. Pics below.

 Until the next post, stay happy! xoxo

Shabana Feroze


  1. Looks lovely glad you had fun and they selected to send you :D can't wait for the next post hehe :)

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