3 Easy Steps to Finding the Best Exercise for You

A lot of my friends and family regularly tell me that they would like to be fitter, but they hate working out. They know that they should exercise, but they just don't have the motivation. If you find yourself in the same category, here are 3 simple steps to finding the best exercise for you:

Step 1: Find something you love doing:

Usually people don't exercise because they find it boring or like a chore. Walking on a treadmill for 30 minutes or doing 50 squats may seem boring. But if you find something you love doing, you won't even realize you're exercising. For example, find a sport that you like playing. Join a local sports club or find a group of friends who like the same sport. If possible, try playing twice a week. If you love shopping, walk around a mall or the local street shops and window shop. Make sure you discipline yourself to not spend money. Or maybe you can choose a pretty pair of earrings as a reward, which brings me to-

Step 2: Find a reward you love:

The mind works using habits. Habits are made up of three steps: cue, routine, reward. So for example, if I have a habit of brushing my teeth after waking up in the morning everyday, it's because of the Cue: Waking up, Routine: Brushing, Reward: Clean teeth and a minty tingle in my mouth. After you've put yourself through a grueling workout session, reward yourself with a smoothie or revel in the endorphin high. Soon you'll be craving that reward and even though you don't like the routine so much {the exercise itself}, you'll do it for the reward. And if you want to make doubly sure you stick to your routine,-

Step 3: Do it with someone:

We are social animals. Working out with a friend makes it easier, and fun. Plus you always have each other to rely on and to motivate you on days that you feel lazy. Whether it's going for walks with your best friend or a family member {or walking your dog!}, working out at the gym together, or playing your favorite sport in a team, you'll be getting fitter. And if you don't have anyone that you can pair up with to work out, join a class. Group fitness classes work in helping members reduce weight and get healthier because everyone is motivated together. It's much more effective to do a 1 hour class with a qualified instructor than to push yourself on the treadmill. The best part? There are many classes available nowadays so you can pick and choose whatever you love- whether it's BodyCombat, Yoga, Zumba, Aerobics, Boxercise, Salsa, BodyPump or Cycling, pick what you like doing best, enjoy your time and get fitter!

Until next time,

Stay fit!



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Shabana Feroze

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