Celebrating being healthy, in seafoam by the sea


Top: Aritzia
Skirt: Coast
Necklace: Forever21
Rings: Damas
Bag: Aldo
Shoes: Kate & Mel
Photos: Arif Feroze

Excuse the messy hair. It was a really windy day. On top of that I was standing on a bridge overlooking the sea, which made it windier. But it was so much fun! I got to watch the dhows leave their docks and sail out serenely into the wild blue yonder. It was also great to be there because a few days back I was holed up at home with the most terrible cold. I'm talking about sneezing, coughing, sore throat, hurting ears, body pain, headache, the works! I still had a cold when I took these pictures but at least the symptoms were suppressed enough that I could go out. All thanks to the herbal medicines I had been taking one after the other while at home. 

On a style note, I paired a seafoam button-down top with a royal blue pencil skirt for a formal outfit that's bright and happy. The material of the blouse is extremely soft, which makes it a treat to wear. I find the color so soothing and my fingers automatically reached for it when I opened my closet. I wore a delicate necklace and gold rings to accessorize, and for shoes I chose ankle-strap pointy pumps. They add interest to the look and since the skirt hits just above the knee the ankle strap doesn't shorten my legs. I finished off with my burgundy filigree bag.

This week I'm much better and ready to rumble. It looks like a busy week ahead, which I love. Here's hoping you have a great week, and please, don't catch a cold!



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Shabana Feroze

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