Red Cape With Flowers + A Success Story

You know, when you set out to do something while visualizing a certain outcome in mind, and after years of hard work that outcome materializes, the happiness is immense. I had the same experience with Saji's Couture

Sajida was a regular student of mine in my fitness classes. I got to know her as a beautiful, smart and lovely person. When I launched my book, Loving Yourself In Style in October of last year, she attended the book launch and purchased a copy from me. A month or two down the line, Sajida came up to me after class. She told me that the book had inspired her to start her own fashion line. She always had the passion and interest for it, but being a mom to two young boys had taken up all her time and she had put her dreams on the backburner. 

After reading about my experiences and struggles in my book, and my promise of how chasing your passion will make you immensely happy, her motivation was reignited. She asked me a few practical questions about how to go about setting up her business and after a month and a half, her fashion line was ready! Saji's Couture was born. 

I went to the viewing of her first collection and it was incredible. The materials, the designs, the fits. I could not believe how quickly this girl had turned her words into action and how talented she is! More than anything I was gobsmacked as to how she had kept this talent unleashed for so many years. Of course, I left with one gorgeous top and coat outfit, which I'm yet to show on the blog. 

Since then I have seen Sajida grow and blossom and have enormous fun doing what she loves the most. And that to me, is a huge success story. Both for her and my book. Because my entire goal for writing Loving Yourself In Style and sharing my story was to inspire women to find their passion, do what they love, and love themselves more for it. Watching Sajida {and a few other students who have told me they have started their own business doing something they always wanted to do after reading the book} makes me so incredibly happy.

On to the outfit!

I have no idea how I missed this top and coat combo at Sajida's collection viewing, but I did. It's red, it's floral, it's swishy and it's elegant. It's so completely me! Very soon after I had bought it from Sajida. I was waiting to do a shoot with professional photographers to do this beautiful piece full justice. That's where Ibrahim and Haneen from Mia Shot came in and we finally did this amazing photoshoot. 

Getting back to the outfit. The red coat is a light velvet material, with a gorgeous floral pattern in beige on the hem. I love how the flowers climb up in a triangular shape, giving the illusion of more length. Very slimming! The floral pattern is translucent so it looks fresh and light. Not to mention very feminine. There are small cut-outs in the pattern, adding more interest and depth.

I love the length of the coat. It makes you feel quite regal. The Chinese collar detail adds to its elegance. Simple short sleeves lighten up the density of the velvet. Long sleeves would look too heavy on this and feel super-hot!

The beige top inside is attached to the coat from the inside of the shoulders. The material of the beige top is thin so it keeps you cool and complements the heaviness of the velvet perfectly. I love how the beige of the top is a perfect match to the beige of the flowers, making the flowers pop even more. You'd imagine such a piece to be a bit tricky to wear but surprisingly, it's quite easy. You just slip it over your head, let the cape fall behind you and voila! You feel like Superman. 

You can leave the top button open if you wish. I like it closed as it makes the coat fall in a beautiful A shape all the way down. And it just looks so smart. I paired the top with simple grey trousers for a work-friendly look. I tucked the shirt in, as on these pants the hem of the shirt falls at the wrong place. Tucking it in also smartened up the look for officewear. It can easily be left untucked. A black bag and black pumps completed the look. I wore disc-shaped earrings and no other jewellery. 

I absolutely adore the elegance of this piece. It's perfect for wearing to important work events or a dinner party. I'd think such a piece would make for great Ramadan/ Eid style. I'd love to wear this with black skinny jeans or with other coloured trousers. Or maybe even a skirt. A clutch, some glitzy shoes and big statement earrings... and the look would be transformed.

Top and coat: Saji's Couture, Pants: ASOS, Earrings and bag: Parfois, Shoes: from Canada. Photos: Mia Shot

Until next time,

Keep chasing your dreams

Shabana Feroze

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