Royal Blue & Floral Hem + 7 Days Of Self-Love

From this last post, you know how big a sucker I am for a pussybow. This shirt was designed by me, or let's just say the design was copied by me from another shirt I have in white from Koton, worn in this post. I love the pattern so much, I had to have it another colour. Royal blue has always been one of my favourite colours because it's such a deep and rich shade while being bright at the same time. 

The pussybow in this one is detached {it was stitched to the neck at the back until Sajida from Saji's Couture told me to remove it so I could wear the shirt without the pussybow as well. So clever}. The shirt has buttons down the front like a typical button-down but what I really love about the design is the sleeves. The blouson sleeves with their gathering at the shoulders, puffed-up ends and the big cuffs with three buttons make the top look soft and feminine. The material is very light and flowy, enhancing the draping of the sleeves and the pattern even more.

I've become tired of typical button-up shirts, with their straight lines and masculine form. But I still love them for their professional appearance and practicality. Which is why I think simply changing up the sleeves makes a world of a difference. 

I paired the top with this floral skirt that I found online. {I've become addicted to browsing online shops to find a unique design at a good price.} I went gaga over this skirt when I saw it because 1) it's A-line and 2) FLOWERS! The material is jacquard-ish, with a textured pattern on it, meaning that the material is nice and thick. But the fabric is a cotton mix so it's still great for summer and feels cool against the skin. 

But mostly I fell in love with the floral design at the hem. It's such a gorgeous spray of big and small flowers in cheerful colours, bursting in happy colours. I love that it's just at the bottom of the skirt. Such a nice change from all-floral patterns. 

The box pleats on the skirt make the hem flare out nicely and I love that the length hits just below the knee. This skirt is also available in a navy blue. 

The blue of the top sets off the blue in the floral print, and because the print has so many colours against a white background, you can wear a lot of different shades with it. I can't wait to try this skirt with other coloured tops! 

To accessorize, I wore black and white star-shaped earrings and one dainty ring on each hand. With the long cuffs and pussybow at the neck, this outfit doesn't leave much opportunity for accessorizing. 

In any case, I wanted to keep it simple with all the focus on the pussybow, the sleeves and the skirt. I completed the ensemble with an emerald coloured bag to keep with the jewel tones in the look.

Top: Own design, Skirt: Karen J Store, Bag and Accessories: Gifted, Shoes: from Canada

The Week After + 7 Days of Self-Love

The week after holidays always feels really long. It doesn't matter if the holidays were short, the next week back at work still feels like it won't end. This week has been interesting though, as we moved into a new office at work. A change can feel overwhelming and chaotic in the beginning, especially a change of place, and that's how this week has felt. There's still so much to do, so many things to plan and arrange for. But ultimately, when the change is positive and something you wanted, the amazing feeling surfaces again after the chaos and busyness subside. 

I'm already really enjoying this new office as it's really close to home. It gives me the opportunity to walk to work every day, something I'm not used to. However, I'm soon learning that I need to carry an umbrella with me everywhere if I'm going to be walking to and fro. It'll be July next week and walking on the streets feels like being in an oven with the heat turned on at full. Remember to wear sunscreen every day, people! And drink lots and lots of water.

The usual advice aside, summertime means it's time to update your wardrobe. Every summer I look forward to wearing the brightest, boldest colours and prints, as well as soothing pastels. And of course, lots of natural fabrics in flowy, loose cuts and designs. Wearing colourful clothes is my way of staying happy even when the sun drives me nuts with its glower and glare. Flowy clothes is a must when you're in a humid place like Bahrain. So lots of loose blouses, cotton tea dresses, skirts and wide leg pants is what's on my mind.

What about you? What does your summer wardrobe consist of? What do you love wearing when it gets hot? 

In other news, I'm running a free online workshop on 7 days of self-love. My book, Loving Yourself In Style, is all about, well, loving yourself, and this short course takes you through a week of learning to love yourself more. 

You'll be getting worksheets directly in your inbox, with practical exercises to do each day that make you happier. You can sign up for the 7 Days Of Self-Love Worksheets by clicking here.

You can also sign up by filling in the form on the top of the right sidebar of this blog {or after this post if you're reading this on your phone}.The workshop starts on the 1st of July. Don't miss it!

Until next time,

Shabana Feroze

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