Beating the Heat With Pinks and Purples and Flowers


Pastels and florals in summer. It just makes dealing with the unbearable heat a bit more bearable. When there's blazing white sunshine, beige buildings, beige sands and grey roads everywhere, what other choice do you have than to bring the colour through your clothes?

I got this top made by a tailor in Bahrain. It's a copy of another top from Koton {which I have on in this post}, that I adore. My favourite part about the top is the fluted sleeves. I love how it's a small little flare but it covers half your hand. So elegant. You feel dainty while wearing it and the sleeve ends flap around cutely.

I'm a big, big fan of flute sleeves and bell sleeves. I'm sure I've said it before in previous posts, but I love that this trend came back, and how! More and more types of these sleeves are being explored by the fashion industry- balloon sleeves, lantern sleeves, flared sleeves. I love them all. And I want to wear them all! 

As I was saying, the sleeves on this top are what makes it so pretty, and the pleats at the neck add interest. The material is a cotton mix. I picked this material out for its colour. It's a lovely violet, but it's not too light and the colour looks rich. I knew it would be great to pair with lots of my bottoms such as this skirt.

You've seen this skirt before in this post. It was stitched by my mother. I am SO in love with the floral print of the material that I got a cushion made for my room from the leftover fabric. I'm crazy about florals on white, pink and blue backgrounds. This one with the mostly green floral print on a baby pink background looks fresh and soft. The fabric itself is a gorgeous thick cotton, so it's fabulous for summer and for an A-line midi skirt. 

The violet of the top goes beautifully with the baby pink of the skirt, making it a very soft, feminine outfit. Although there's no violet in the print, I wore it to contrast with the pink of the background. 

Remember that you don't always have to pick a colour from the print, it can be a colour that goes with or contrasts with the overall colour or backdrop of the print.

Keeping with the feminine colours of pink and purple, I grabbed a deep pink handbag for this outfit. The dark pink of the bag brings out the fuchsia colour in the flowers in the skirt. 

I accessorized with a floral necklace in silver that pops on the violet of the top. 

Since my hands are mostly covered by the pretty sleeves, I wore a ring on each hand, one in twirly silver and another with amethyst stones. 

With all the colour in my clothes, I wore nude heels. I recently got a couple of heels from Payless. I had sworn off the brand years ago when I had bought a pair of shoes and the quality was so bad that I couldn't wear the pair for more than a day. But after getting really tired of looking for shoes in my crazy-big size, I decided to give Payless a try again. To my surprise, I found a few good pairs, in sizes bigger than mine. Which I wanted. My size is 42, but I needed shoes in sizes 43 or 44. The extra room in the shoes means that they're comfortable and I can wear them for long. Try it out for yourself. Especially in heels. Go up one size to make them comfier. Celebs do it all the time.

Coming back to Payless, I realized they do have good quality shoes now. They have bad quality ones also, you just have to search for the good ones. These nude ones are great as they're something called "Comfort Fit" and the heel isn't too high. I can wear them all day. And I love that the nude is not a really light beige that makes my brown feet look washed out and grey. The closer nude shoes are to your skintone, the better they'll look and elongate your legs.

Top and Skirt: Own design,  Necklace: ?, Rings: Silver souk, Sunglasses: from Italy, Shoes: Payless.

Until next time,

Shabana Feroze

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