Black Lace + Why You Should Change Your Year Goals

Confession. I've had this lace top for some time now. Maybe over two years. But this is just the second time I'm wearing it. Why? I don't know. Maybe because I feel it's so pretty and I need an occasion to wear it. Or maybe I feel like it's too pretty for me and I don't deserve to wear it. 

Do you go through this too? When you've bought something really pretty and you don't wear it because you're saving it and/or you feel like you're not worth it?

Well, I'm putting a stop to it right now. I already donated all the clothes, shoes and accessories that didn't spark joy in me earlier this year {I used the KonMari method after reading the amazing book} and now all the stuff I have makes me truly happy. Which includes this top. And I plan on wearing it more often. Because every day is an occasion to celebrate yourself and you have to stop deferring pleasure. Amirite?

The Outfit

If you know me, you know my love for colour in attire. And this outfit {AND the last one} is an anomaly because it's all neutrals. Don't worry, I'm not falling out of love with colours. I'm just changing up my style a bit. 

Getting back to this top, I've always been a fan of the black-lace-on-beige combo. It was a major trend ten odd years ago. The delicateness of the black lace can be seen so beautifully on a beige or taupe background. When it was trending, I remember a lot of celebs wearing the combo in full-length gowns and it looked jaw-droppingly stunning. 

I always wondered if I'd look good in it as I feel that black washes me out. And also, I never could find something that I could a) afford in this combo, or b) that didn't look cheap. {I hate cheap lace. HATE it.} The good thing about good trends is that they stick around. So I stumbled across this top in an Oasis shop and honestly, I didn't know if it would look good. My mom {who is always my shopping partner} told me to try it on and bam! I was in love. There's just something about lace that always makes you look so feminine, so elegant and so, so classy. It instantly makes you look more expensive. 

This top is a perfect fit. It's structured and tailored well so it sits well on the body. The lining is a soft satiny material, so the top has a soft flow, which you can see from my photos. Usually in good quality, thicker lace, the tricky part is of making it 'fall' or sit on the body without looking puffy. I love how they got that right in this top. Also, another major tick mark is that the lace doesn't feel scratchy. So often I've worn thick lace tops and jackets and they feel like torture on the skin! You just want to throw them off. This lace looks thick but feels like cloth against the skin. For instance, in the sleeves, it's just the lace without the lining. But it doesn't prick my skin.

There isn't just one repetitive design in the lace. It's a composite of lots of different designs put together and that makes it look so interesting. I love the little circular ends on the sleeves and the hem, which give it a younger look. The backing is a nice pinkish beige, so the lace stands out against it and it doesn't wash me out. Sometimes the problem with nude coloured material is that it does the job so well, it looks as if you haven't got anything on, making people do a double take when you wear it. {This is not a personal experience, thankfully, just one that I've observed}.

To make the top stand out, I paired it with stone coloured wide leg trousers. These are a linen-viscose mix and one of my faves because of that. You need a LOT of linen, viscose and cotton in your wardrobe if you live in Bahrain! The colour is a nice muted grey, making it the perfect neutral pair to wear with colours or black. The width of the legs falls straight and I love that it's nice and long, skimming the foot. Being tall, it's something I always look for in trousers.

I grabbed my big beige bag to match the top. I added colour with powder blue pumps. 

Since I put my hair up in a braided bun, I wore teardrop stud earrings. With a statement top like this one, you need to wear earrings that are simple but eye-catching at the same time. 

I wore an intricate ring to match the designs in the lace. 

Top: Oasis, Pants: ASOS, Earrings: Gifted, Ring: Silver Souq, Bag: Parfois, Shoes: Payless

I'd love to try this top with other coloured trousers. Maybe darker trousers too, something I don't usually do. {Hey, I rhymed.} Maybe I'll try it with a skirt too. 

On a Personal Note

So... September is coming to an end. Which means that there are just three more months left for 2018. It's time to start looking back at the year and seeing how you did, how many things you achieved, what personal, career and creative goals you fulfilled.


 Don't you just hate doing that?

Maybe we need to stop it. Maybe we need to just think about how many happy things we did, the memories we created with the people we love, how much we laughed and how much more we loved ourselves than last year. Because in the end, these are the only things that really matter.  

I'm big on loving yourself. It's why I write this blog. Dressing up is such an easy way to show yourself some love and I believe everyone should do it. I've even written a book on it, called Loving Yourself In Style. If you'd like to learn how to love yourself a little more, find your passion and true happiness, then it's the book for you

I'm already thinking about the things I can do to be nicer to myself and to be nicer to the people around me, come 2019. To make sure I never ever feel like I'm not worth something amazing. To not be afraid of being happy.

What about you? What do you look back on when you look back on a year? What's important to you? Leave me a comment after the post, below.

Until next time,

Shabana Feroze

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