Lavender and Black Floral + A Little Tip To Tackle Winter Blues

A floral print is definitely not something I can stay away from, but on pants, it's irresistible. The right print, of course. There are some ghastly ones out there. *shudders* I always look for floral printed pants when I go shopping. It's very hard to find the right ones though. In any case, for me, pant shopping is very difficult with such a limited variety of shops in Bahrain. I always find it hard to find ones I like as I'm tall and have long legs, and can't be convinced yet to wear cropped pants. I like my pants as long as they'll come.

The print on this pant from H&M is so pretty, with bright yellow, orange-red and lavender flowers on a deep black background. The cut and material are something I absolutely love- a straight, narrow leg, like a bootcut. The material is thick with a little bit of stretch, and not at all hot. I have a pant similar to this one, but in white, and I love it so much I wanted one in a darker colour {or any other colour}. What I love about both these pants was that not only are they nice and long, but they had an inch of fabric folded inside the hem which I then opened up to lengthen them even more. I love the little slit on the of the side hem. It adds that little je ne sais quoi.

The best part about floral print bottoms is that you can wear so many different tops with it. You can pick out any shade from the print and find a matching a top and it'll look amazing. Or you can wear a colour that's not in the print, but it'll still look good because there are so many shades in the print and it'll contrast with the background colour. I love to pick out a printed piece from my closet, study the colours in the print, then look for a matching top/ bottom.

I wore a lavender coloured top to bring out the lavender in the pant print. I got this top made by a tailor some time back. I love the soft material and its soft colour. I decided to make a simple top with a round neck and fluted sleeves. To emphasize the bell sleeves and to hide the seam, I added a lace from Lace Love. It has tiny flowers in black which pop against the light colour and add some detail to the plain top.

My favourite part about this top is the fluted sleeves. They feel very medieval and elegant. Like I'm a damsel, but not in distress. I like how the sleeve hem is wide, but not too wide. The top has a zipper at the back for the fit to be structured. I haven't yet tried this top with a skirt or tucked into a pant, but I will, soon.

I wore chunky earrings, a delicate pendant as the top is plain and the pendant can be seen against it, and a chunky ring. I put a side braid in my hair for a clean and effortlessly chic look. I love braids for when you want to get your hair off your neck. The problem with any kind of bun is that your head starts to hurt by the end of the day and you find yourself becoming cranky because of it. Braids are great as they just nicely sit there without tugging at your scalp, and make you look all pretty and sweet.

I finished with a big black bag and lavender pumps to match the top. The shoes have an ankle strap, but it's hidden by the pant hem. I've just been falling in love with ankle strap pumps recently because of how sophisticated they look and how surprisingly comfy they are.

Top: Own Design with lace from Lace Love, Pants: H&M, Earrings: Gifted, Necklace: Gold Souk, Ring: ?, Bag: Parfois, Shoes: New Look

I'm just so excited to see the weather changing. Winds, clouds, rain. Such a welcome relief from the summer we've had. And all this affects me sartorially, of course, which makes me even more excited. I have jackets hanging in my wardrobe that are dying to come out and play. Can the layering finally begin? Just thin ones for now, at least? Or maybe I'll have to wait a few more weeks. 

These next few months are always something to look forward to, as the weather changes and we in Bahrain can finally spend more time outdoors. We just put a gorgeous swing in our balcony just last week and I'm loving sitting in it and reading late at night on the weekend, with the cool breeze blowing.

End of year always brings with it all the events and festivities which I adore. I don't go to any of them because, introvert; but I still like seeing so much happening. Then it'll be the new year with its retrospection and hope for the coming year, followed by the beautiful months of Jan and Feb when it gets the coldest, and then the fading away of winter back into summer when we have to say goodbye to the clouds and make peace with the harsh sun for the long summer months again. All of it is fun to look forward to. 

And if the coming months and time doesn't make you happy or fills you with dread for any reason- maybe you're working a job you hate, maybe this time of year makes you feel depressed- why not try and reconnect with an old passion or hobby and try doing more of it? It can be absolutely anything. My father recently took out his old book of stamps and started tinkering with it. And it made me and my brother happy to see him so happy and full of enthusiasm for something he has always loved doing but put aside. So get the stamp collection out. Start cross-stitching again. Make cosplay costumes, even if just to wear at home. Anything that you love and have always loved. Start doing it whenever you're free, even if that's just on the weekends. 

If it's something you loved as a child, even better. I find that reconnecting with things that we loved when we were children brings a special kind of joy mixed with heady nostalgia and makes it even more fulfilling. 

I talk more about chasing your passions and how to turn them into what you do full-time, through my own journey and experiences, in my book Loving Yourself In Style. Get a signed copy from me if you're in Bahrain, or pick one up from the local bookshops here. If you're not in Bahrain, get it online on Amazon in your country, Kobo or Smashwords. Tag me on Instagram with your copy! 

Until next time

Shabana Feroze

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