Royal Blue with Peach + Travel Dilemmas, India and Weddings

The outfit post this week comes a day early {I usually post outfit posts on Mondays} as I'll be travelling the entire day tomorrow. I'm going to a few cities in India for a few days, which should be fun and a nice cheap break. 

Moving on to the outfit. I got this skirt on AliExpress thinking that it would be the same swimsuit/ neoprene material that I love so much for A-line skirts. I already have two skirts in that material {see them here and here} and I love them so much that if I had to wear just two skirts, it would be those two. This isn't the same material though. This material is a thick, stretchy material. And while it's great on its own, it doesn't have the stiffness of neoprene which makes an A-line very pronounced and doll-like on skirts. 

The problem with buying clothes online is that it always looks different and so much better on the model. This skirt looked great on the site, but when I got it, it was a bit shorter than expected. So of course, I lengthened it using a bit of lace from my mother's awesome lace shop, Lace Love.  Mom and I decided to use a lace that's in a contrasting colour to the royal blue of the skirt. So we chose a peachy one with tiny pearl beads on it that make it look so charming and old worlde. I love scalloped lace for edges, be it on a skirt hem or a dress. It looks so pretty as the scallops fall prettily and can be seen so clearly on the edging. Adding the lace made the skirt extend until my knee, making it just the length I like.

The skirt is high-waisted, with a wide waistband and a zipper at the back. I love the bright blue colour and even though the material is not what I wanted, it still is a very soft and comfortable fabric. 

I wore a soft pink tee with the skirt, and for daytime, I wore a sharp white blazer on top. I've had this blazer from Zara for ages now. I love everything about it- the thickness of the material, the sharpness of the structure, the lapel-less collar, the zipper details on the sleeves and on the faux pockets, and that it zips up completely. I love how it gives you a nipped-in waist and flares out just slightly at the ends. It's a great length as well to wear on skirts, pants and dresses. Not all jackets go with skirts as some are too long and make you look dowdy. And of course, I love that its white. There's something just so classy about a white jacket or a white tuxedo-style blazer. It just pulls everything together and looks gorgeous and fresh.

The pink of the tee is soft and dusty against the bright jewel tone of the skirt. It's so handy to have a small collection of thin t-shirts and camis that you can wear under a jacket and not feel stuffy. Also, I love the combination of dusty pink with white. It looks so chic and demure. 

I wore a tear-drop silver set of necklace and earrings to accessorize. This set is one of my absolute faves that my mom got me from India. I love anything in a tear-drop shape. The crystals in this look glam while the design around the stone add more detail. I always get compliments when I wear this set. And yes, I plan on getting more jewellery like this from India. 

I wore grey Mary-Jane heels on my feet. I love how the strap on the top makes them look preppy but the pointed toe makes them look professional and sophisticated. 

For the evening, I swapped the structured blazer for a thinner white jacket. You could also get rid of the jacket completely for the evening and stay with just the t-shirt and skirt. Swapping the heels with flats or sneakers will make the look more casual. 

Jacket: Zara, Top: H&M, Skirt: AliExpress + lace from Lace Love, Jewellery: Gifted, Sunglasses: from Italy, Watch and Bag: Parfois, Shoes: New Look 

On a personal note

I wasn't really planning on travelling anywhere this year after my trip to France and Italy in March. But I have been hankering to go to my college city for a couple of years now, so when an old school friend insisted I come to his wedding which is taking place in Pune, I jumped at the opportunity. Even though I'm originally from India, I don't feel the pull or a sense of belonging to the place, so I don't visit every year or more frequently. The last time I went was in December last year, but that was to attend another friend's wedding. But that was in Kerala, which isn't where we're from. { It's funny how that's two weddings in a short space of time for a wedding-hater like me.} Although I do have sweet memories of my college years spent in Pune and so I always yearn to return and spend some time there. 

Also, this should {hopefully} be a trip where I can relax as there's nothing else on my agenda than meeting friends and family.  After the Europe trip this year, I've come to the conclusion that I need one break in the year which is completely non-touristy. I'm an organizer and planner by nature and have a hyperactive personality. So when I plan a holiday, I commit myself to waaaaay too many things. I want to visit every temple, museum, monument and palace. I always come back more tired than I was before I went and needing a vacation from my vacation! 

Although I've told myself to not pack so much into my next travel itinerary, I get the feeling I'll forget all that when the next trip comes round and again I'll want to see and do evvvvvverrrrything. So maybe the solution for me is to take a break where I've already seen the country and don't have much to do, so I'm forced to relax. Maybe. 

I write about travelling and money management in my book, Loving Yourself In Style, if you ever wonder how I travel so much and how I manage my expenses. In the book, I also talk about chasing your dreams and becoming the Authentic You you were always supposed to be. It's an easy-to-read, straightforward book filled with pretty illustrations done by me. Because it's always nice to read a book with pictures, isn't it?

Until next time,

Shabana Feroze

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