The One Reason You Need to Be Fit

We all know the advantages of being fit. Looking good, feeling stronger... There are so many. For the sake of this post, I'm going to break them down into physical, tangible benefits, and intangible ones. 

The physical benefits include a healthy heart, more stamina, faster metabolism, stronger muscles, denser bones, better digestion, and more. 

Intangible benefits are being able to wear the clothes you want, eat what you want because you know your metabolism will burn it fast {or you'll burn it in your next exercise session}, a sense of achievement, more energy, better sleep.

The biggest benefit, of course, is looking good naked. I'm not referring to a stereotypical beauty standard or shape, but whatever YOU think is the level of fitness that makes you feel sexy and attractive. 

For me, "fit" is a certain fat to muscle ratio, but for you, it could be more fat, lesser muscle. Or it could be being super-ripped. Whatever works for you where you feel healthy and look good to yourself.

These reasons listed above are the most common ones why people want to be fit. As a fitness instructor and someone who has been fit since a young age, none of these is the number one reason why I work my butt off to try and stay fit all the time. 

The main reason for me is- peace of mind

Yes, you read that right. I like to stay fit for peace of mind. 

Life is so unpredictable. It'll surprise you with all kinds of problems and challenges. It's a huge relief to know that my health and fitness are not a part of the problem. 

When I'm worried about challenges in my business or relationships or any other area of life, I find myself thinking, "At least I look good", or "At least I'm not worried about my health". Let me clarify here that this is not about vanity. It's about feeling empowered and confident because you've taken control of your biggest asset- your body. 

When you look good naked {again, this is YOUR standard}, it's astonishing how relaxed and stress-free you become. It takes a huge burden off your shoulders. One that you didn't even know was there. 

On top of all the little problems life throws at you, you don't want the flab on your belly or those extra pounds to be one of them. Trust me, I've been there and it's very, very annoying. To worry about how your body looks when there are a thousand other challenges that need your attention. 

So do whatever it takes to reach your fitness goal, and organize your lifestyle to maintain it once you're there. When I say whatever it takes, I'm not condoning shortcuts like extreme dieting/ body disorders/ starving yourself or anything else unhealthy like that. I mean to organize your time and schedule to reach your fitness goal and make it a habit.

Eat more veggies. Do HIIT. Lift weights. Do yoga. Work standing up. Do push-ups on your office floor. Reduce bread, rice and sugar. Whatever it takes. 

NB: The journey to your desired weight might be long, but patience and consistency will get you there. I promise. 

To summarize, if you reach your fitness level and maintain it, it takes so many worries off your mind. And when the going gets tough, you can always console yourself with the fact that, hey, at least I look hot AF.

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Until next time,

Shabana Feroze

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