The Perfect Things To Do When You're An Introvert and Just Want Your Brain To Shut Up

As an introvert, I live inside my head more than I live outside my head. My inner monologue is always going on and on. Most of the time, I need to do something to either shush this inner monologue or to keep it company. 

Over the years I've discovered a few activities that do just that. They help me calm my brain babble or they give me more to think about. Good things to think about. Because we introverts love to get lost in our inner world of thoughts and daydreams.

I'm sharing these in this post because these activities help you relax and recharge your mind after all that peopling or simply when you’re bored or just need to bring your mind to that quiet space again {without having to meditate}. 

6 Unusual But Perfect Introvert Things To Do Alone:

1. Visit a Museum

I visited two museums recently and I realized how great they are for introverts. Firstly, they're so quiiiieeeet. That in itself is such bliss. Displays in museums require your full attention. Reading about a place or a piece of art’s history gets your mind thinking about it- the civilization, the people, what their everyday life would be like, how our times are so different now, so on and so forth. It’s such a great experience to have alone. You can completely immerse yourself in it. Better still- get the audio guide and you’ll be in quiet, introspective introvert heaven. I visited the Vatican museums by myself. I had an audio guide and I took my own sweet time in all 33 museums. 

2. Colour in a colouring book

I have a few adult colouring books gifted to me and I love them. Colouring in a colouring book is very soothing because it forces your brain to focus on the job at hand. You get lost in deciding what colour goes where, whether you want to stick to a colour theme or just use all the colours in your box, and to make sure you stay inside the lines so everything looks pretty. Or don’t, if that’s what you like. 

3. Bake something

    Baking is tricky. If one ingredient is too much or too less, it’s going to ruin your entire dish. That’s why I love baking as an introverted activity. You have to follow the recipe closely, measure everything precisely, and you’re rewarded with a fluffy cake or yummy cookies. It’s such a great activity to do by yourself. Bonus points if you get to eat the reward of your hard work all by yourself.

    4. Pinterest-ing

    Pinterest is one of my favourite social media platforms to lose myself in. It’s like a maze in which you want to be lost for ages. You can find an image you like, then find more like those. I especially like browsing through style ideas and different types of women's dresses, reading anecdotes about strong women, and short stories by unknown authors, written on Reddit and Tumblr. These stories are saved as images so you can read them fast and move on to the next one. Or of course, another favourite of mine is cat jokes and videos. If you love cats {or any animal}, this is the platform for an endless plethora of funny gifs, memes and funny animal videos. 

    5. Gardening/ looking after houseplants 

    Gardening or simply watering and looking after your houseplants is such a relaxing exercise for an overthinking mind. You have to focus on the plants, check how well they're doing, water each one according to the plant type, clean the leaves, spray all the leaves with water. Another reason why this is such a relaxing activity is because you get to see all the budding flowers and new leaves. Which is such a rewarding and pleasant sight. It's bound to cheer you up. 

    6. Organize anything 

    I think one of the reasons I'm such an organizing freak is because of how the act of organizing anything takes up every inch of my brain. {Every once in a while I'll reorganize my accessories, my makeup, my work desk and so on}. You can't think about anything else while organizing. Where everything will go, what type of storage to use, how to group things together. So many delicious decisions to make. So when you're bored or need to bring that zen back, organize or re-organize something. Just break it up into small bits or one chest of drawers or cupboard so you don't overwhelm yourself. Later on, you'll thank yourself as you use and enjoy the new way you've organized your things.

    These are 6 activities that I as an introvert really enjoy doing. They help relax a chaotic mind and stop all the mind chatter that goes on inside a typical introvert's head. You don't need people to do it with, so they make the perfect go-to for when you're all peopled out and need to recharge. 

    On A Style Note

    I purchased this skirt from AliExpress. I fell in love with the gorgeous watercolour floral print. Unfortunately, it was a size too small. But because I was {am} so in love with the print, I didn't want to donate it. So I asked my friend Sajida of Saji's Couture about what can be done with it. She took the skirt and added grey panels on the side, making the skirt a perfect fit. I still didn't like the length, so I added a matching white lace from my mother's lace shop, Lace Love, at the bottom to make the skirt longer. And voila! I have a beautiful, customized pencil skirt.

    It's always great to have a tailor or designer who can alter or customize your clothes. Or if you know how to sew and can do that yourself. That way even when your body goes up or down in size, you don't need to donate your favourite pieces.

    Top: Saji's Couture, Skirt: AliExpress, altered by SC, lace by Lace Love, Bag: from India, Heels: Steve Madden. Photos: Ancita Sherel.

    The top is by Saji's Couture. The great thing about black is that you can pair it with anything. But I usually don't like completely black clothes. Which is why I love the pearl detail on the neckline and sleeves of the top which reduces the blackness and sets the top apart. And pearls are always a classy touch.

    Black sandals and a blue bag complete this feminine but professional look.

    What are some of your favourite things to do by yourself that help you calm the brain babble? Leave me a comment below! 

    Until next time, 
    Shabana Feroze

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