Cheering Myself Up

Dress: Rome, Blazer: India, Leggings: Gap, Shoes: New Look, Ring: Accessorize, Necklace: Mom's, Watch: Swatch
I was supposed to put up a post yesterday. But I didn't. That's because I was feeling very blue all day yesterday. By 8 pm at night I was feeling downright miserable. Don't ask why, that's TMI. Hey! that ryhmed. Ok, that was dumb. Moving on.... So I decided I desperately needed some cheering up. Now there are many things that cheer me up, but nothing works like buying myself something pretty. But this works only if I find something I really want and  if it's within my budget. And I'm happy to say, exactly that happened.

I have been lusting after a coloured blazer ever since I've seen some around in the shops. I even went shopping with a friend last weekend, and looked in all the shops in the biggest mall here, but couldn't find a single coloured blazer. So frustrating.

But last night I went into a small mall, asked the sales assistant for what I wanted. She pointed me to a lovely red blazer. Fire engine red. In my size. In my budget. Yes! I was so happy! I bought it, went home and showed it to my mom. (Who made her you've-been-shopping-again-face, but she liked it) It drastically changed my mood and all my optimism returned. Now some of you may say this happiness is just a cheap thrill and it's transient. But the point is: who cares? It makes me happy AND it's legal. (and it's not even fattening.) Aaand just to prove I'm not a shopaholic, the sales assistant did show me another blazer, in a lovely blush colour and I was SO tempted to get that too. But I didn't. I'm so proud of myself. Hehe.

Which brings me to this: it's so important to love yourself. Especially when you're feeling down. Do whatever it takes to cheer yourself up. It could be pouring your heart out to a good friend, reading your favourite book, listening to relaxing music, eating comfort food, taking a long soothing bath, or in my case, buying something nice for myself. (And in desperate cases, feel free to do ALL of the above.)
Because unless and until you're not feeling good, you won't be really, truly nice to others. You may be 'fake' nice, but that's just rude.

Btw, I'm feeling all nice today, that's why I'm wearing one of my favourite dresses. See? Shopping joy is NOT transient. So there.

Shabana Feroze

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  1. ok shabs.. you look very but im still missing the point.. are you like promoting the good you wear or what???


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