Reasons why I hate the PHONE!

Button-down and Belt: Mango, Jeans: H&M, Shoes: Dorothy Perkins, Earrings: F21, Watch: Swatch
I hate phones. I hate them. All my friends complain that I sound rude and mean on the phone. That all I wanna do is put it down. (One colleague who first spoke to me on the wire then later got to meet me, said I sounded like a fat, old, cranky lady. Ha!)

When I was in school, my best friend Sabs used to call me from her house phone and talk. Me being me I used to always be in a hurry to end the call. Once she got really annoyed and said, "I call you, yet you always want to get off the phone first. What the hell!?"

So, for Sabs, and ALL the people in my life who scratch their heads wondering why I'm so annoying on the wire and so nice in person, here are my justifications:

Justification 1:
 I like to focus my complete attention on whatever I'm doing. I want to give my 100% to the task or person in front of me, as cheesy as that sounds. So if it's a friend talking to me, I completely zone out and listen only to him/her. I even forget my surroundings.

Even if I'm in a movie, I get so into it, I tend to forget later who I watched the movie with. There have been many convos where I've started telling a girlfriend about this cool movie I saw, and she's replied, "Idiot, I was sitting next to you."

Justification 2:
Whenever I'm on the phone, I'm SO distracted, I'm usually browsing the net, painting my nails, building a rocket, etc. There are very few people for who (whom?) I'll actually focus my complete attention with on the phone.

Justification 3:
I don't get to see the person. I know you're thinking, "Oh well observed, Captain Obvious", but what I mean is I don't get to see their facial expressions and body language. You can tell so many untruths in a phone convo and get away with them.

Justification 4:
The bloody networks! How annoying is it when the person's voice is muffled/ breaks/ echoes because of the darned network?

Justification 5: (I swear this is the last)
I PAY for it. I pay hard earned money for communicating with you. How ridiculous.
I'd rather pay for a coffee while I have a face to face chat with you in a  nice, quiet atmosphere where I can read your microexpressions and analyse your body language.

So now you know, why my calls are short and sweet.
Ok, not so sweet.

The end.

P.S On a style note, I just went for a simple 70s look today. White button-down, flared jeans, tan belt. Black shoes. Bam! A brunette Farrah Fawcett.

P. P.S: Happy Weekend. Don't call me.
Shabana Feroze


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  2. Get a smartphone and then you will see a change in opinion towards phones. I am like you, keeping calls short. Whatever happens I just cannot bring myself to talk on the phone, and another reason why i DONT like talking on a cell phone is cz it boosts the chances of getting brain tumor...or some case of brain damage.


  3. be honest i dont ever remember having long conversations with you over the phone until i moved to the states..and that's only because we dont have a choice but to talk on the phone..which reminds me we really need to catch up..

    I love your white top! you cant have enough of 'em!!

  4. Hi shabana, I love the earrings.My favourite thing about the earrings is how big they are .They look good with your SHIRT.


  5. that is so like me!!! tee hee.. I hate convos over the phone too.. ..i can sit face to face and listen to the the same thing over and over again.. but Oh man!not over the phone..
    I completely agree with all ur justifications which happens to be mine too

    love ur look!

  6. Sabah, obviously, with all the talking you do, I won't blame you if you don't remember! And yes, CALL ME you nut.

  7. Hi Emma!
    Thank you SO much!

  8. Hey Habiba!
    Glad you agree! Cheers!
    Thanks! :)

  9. Great look Shabana! And the phones...LOL! I live so far away from everyone that it's a sad compromise. But without it, i'd be out of touch. Can't stand hour long convos either, with gaps where we ask, "so, what else?"

  10. Hi Anne!
    Long distance calls are ok, but not when you're 15 mins away from each other!


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