My new New Look shoes and Androgyny

 Hello! The lovely people at New Look decided to gift me some gorgeous footwear! They let me pick out three pairs of my choice, and I picked out the ones above! I really, really needed shiny black courts, so I got these lovely ones (I'm wearing them today). Don't you love the lace on the ankle detailing? Feminine yet fierce. So me. And how could I resist these pink courts? 

And this is what I wore today. 
Button-down and Belt: Mango, Blazer and Necklace: Gifted, Pants: Zara, Shoes and ring on right hand: New Look, ring on left hand: Posh, Watch: Swatch

I was in the mood for some androgyny today. Usually I stay away from looks that are too masculine, so I added the feminine touch with the heels, necklace and my hair down. 
I don't believe in dressing for women. This chica dresses for the men and men only .
I don't like women who come too close to looking like a guy. You're a beautiful woman, celebrate your feminity. And if you're reading this wearing a baggy sweatshirt and loose jeans, babe, I'm talking to YOU!

Shabana Feroze


  1. You look adorable, very cute outfit. I like the buttoned up shirt and how you put the necklace over it.

  2. just loveeeeeee ur heels!n d entire look!!! wowww!!!
    followin u :)
    hope u follow me back!! :)

  3. Hi Priyanka! Thank you so much! You've got a good blog going!

  4. absolutely love your little paragraph at the end (and the outfit). so true. I'm wearing a baggy T and sweats, but I'm getting ready for bed ;)

  5. Thanks Sahaj! You can be as baggy as you want when you're with yourself! xx

  6. So sophisticated :)

  7. Have you ever though of making videos on Youtube.. ? Like fashion videos.. putting outfit together?

  8. Hey Immortal. I really want to. There are many vlogs I want to I do. I guess I will, soon!

  9. Wow !

    simply Mind blowing your dressing sense is awesome & this is other face of your trends with modernity which has more life in it

    your Vision on colours are Outstanding

    - stalker-

  10. Thank you so much my stalker! :D


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