Snarf and boots at the beach.

Moayyed's way of making Snarf give out hugs.
Today was a fun family day. I picked my older brother Moayyed from the airport (he lives in Dubai and visits often), and we went over to my mom's for lunch. My younger brother Arif who lives with my folks has a pet cat. He's called Snarf. That's Moayyed and Snarf in the photo above. I had a lovely time playing with Snarf and watching the usual tomfoolery that happens when all five of us are together. For instance, my mom (her name's Sughra. Remember it. It comes up later) told Moayyed that she still has the telegram that her brother sent to my father when my mom delivered Moayyed in India. The telegram said: "Sughra delivered a baby boy." at which Arif instantly replied, "Sughra delivered a baby devil." 

I died laughing.

Anyway, here are pictures of Snarf...and me...
Snarf trying to get my attention.
And then me trying to get Snarf's attention. Who do you think won?

This was too cute to not take a picture. 

He's so big I like to pretend he's a 2 year old human baby. So does he.

Snarfus Furlong. High & Mighty Ruler of the house.

Top: Pimkie, Jeans: H&M, Boots: Payless, Bag: Mango

 Hype this look on here.

After lunch, Arif and I went to Asry beach and took these pictures. I know, I know, I'm wearing boots at the beach. But it was a spontaneous decision to go to the beach and take photos. And who says you can't wear boots to the beach? If I were Queen of the Fashion World I'd make a law that you can wear boots anywhere, anytime in any season. So there. 
Shabana Feroze


  1. love your boots, love the beach. not a big fan of cats but i will admit that snarf is pretty damn cute :)

  2. Thanks Sahaj! Yeah Snarf is damn cute and he knows it!

  3. why don't u try something Indian..............ur skin texture,features are more like an Indian.i think u would look really sexy in the Indian attiret once.just try i

  4. Hi Anon! Why don't you send me something Indian to try? ;)

  5. i love the pictures 7,8,9& 10 in this post

    absolute bombshell, wow !

    & snarf is totally adorable :)

    - stalker -


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