Guest Post: The Hugs Felt Around The World

When I started my year long journey of hugs I never imagined that the effects would be felt clear across the world. It was a simple idea to spread love and hugs. It was also going to be a way to for me to break into the world of blogging. It was all so new to me I wasn’t sure where to turn. I found a few blogging forums that I joined and that is how I met Shabana. Her blog was so straightforward and stylish. I found myself drawn to it on a regular basis. 

Over the year my journey evolved. I spent less time (and by less I mean none) on the blogging forums and more time focused on hugging, writing and self improvement. Through it all Shabana and I continued following each others blogs. We wrote to each other, we tweeted each other, we even shared regular twitter hugs. Next thing you knew we were friends. Great friends. 

I know people say that as a society we are becoming less connected due to the internet, but I find the exact opposite to be true. My circle of friends has expanded because of it. Without the internet, without my blog, I never would have had the privilege of knowing Shabana. She is beautiful, caring, honest, loving and my life is richer with her in it. And come on, without Shabana how would I know how to accessorize?

Today's Guest Post is by Melinda, a 36 year old hugging blogger in North Carolina, USA. She has 2 young boys and enjoys being a mom while creating the life of her dreams. Her blog, chronicled her year long journey and is now evolving in to a community of like minded hugging bloggers. She is one of the sweetest, bravest and kindest people I know. Don't forget to visit her blog! You can find her on facebook here and send her hugs on twitter here.
Shabana Feroze

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