Colours. For the men who read my blog, or for your man.

50% of you are men. And by you, I mean my readers. So when I was writing this post, I thought it wouldn't be fair if I didn't do one for the guys. And of course, if you're a lady reading this, this can be helpful to you when you're picking out clothes for the men in your life or when you drag them crying and whining take them shopping. 

Men have limited color choices when it comes to clothes. Not every guy can carry off red or bright yellow pants. I personally like it when men are wearing neutrals as pants, and a color on top. But the thing is, men get stuck in a rut. I'm really sick of seeing pale pink shirts with gray trousers, {although I do have it in my color swatches below. I can't discount that those two colors look great together} or the most common combo for men ever- chambray and khaki. Either they wear a khaki shirt with jeans, or a chambray shirt with khaki trousers. Ugh. Enough. 

Men can carry off a lot of colors {on their top half} and here's where I come in. Below I've matched a neutral with a color, to make life easy for you and to hopefully make you stop asking the women in your life, "Does this shirt go with these pants?". {I'm kidding. We totally find it adorable when you ask us that.}

So, guys, experiment with color. Wear teal. Mauve. Burgundy. Turquoise. Electric Blue. {If you have no idea what those colors are, ask the women you know.} Colors look great on you and make you look fresh and vibrant. 

Shabana Feroze


  1. An artwork i made to illustrate my choices..:


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