I finally have portraits of myself! YAY!

Tim Notting is a digital artist based in Vancouver, Canada. A few weeks back he offered to make a digital portrait of me. Being an artist myself who's made loads of portraits of other people, it's been a long-standing wish of mine to have someone make mine. So this was a dream come true! And of course, how could I say no to this supremely talented man whose incredible works I've seen before? 

So Tim made not one, but three fantastically real-life digital portraits of mine from photographs I sent him. Here they are below. I've kept the original photo under each portrait so you can see the brilliance of his work. 

Portrait 1: Pencil sketch

Portrait 2: Acrylic Painting

Portrait 3: Colour Pencils

Tim makes these from scratch. And the beauty of digital art is that it can be sent through the world wide web to anyone on planet earth, which means you can be sitting in Bahrain, get your portrait made in Canada, get it sent by email to you and then print it out and put it up! Which is exactly what I'm going to do.

If you'd like Tim to make a portrait of you, contact him on his facebook page. Or simply check him out and go show him and his art some love!

Shabana Feroze


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