Organizational hacks for your room

Everyone likes a clean, non-cluttered room, and no one so, more than me. I'm constantly arranging and re-arranging my cupboards and my things, and looking for smart solutions to keeping things practical and handy. So far I'm quite proud of the way I've organized things, and I thought of sharing them with you.

I have quite a few sunglasses and I wanted a place from where I could quickly choose the one I want, rather than get in the rut of wearing the same ones everyday. So I tied a raffia thread from one wall hook to another and hung them all. Makes it so much easier to grab a pair in the morning! 

I saw these cute pink kitchen sponge-holders at a store and just had to get them. Now I use them as make-up holders. They have suction cups so you can stick them to the mirror. Saves space!

I don't know what exactly this cute little teddy bear bowl was intended for. Maybe paper-clips? Anyhoo, it substitutes nicely as a bobby pin and hair clip holder for me.

My scarves used to be folded and kept inside my cupboard. I wanted them to be outside somewhere where I can see them, and also pick them out easily. I don't like the idea of knotting them onto hangers because it's too much of a hassle. Especially since I try one scarf after another on my outfit to see which one looks better, and that'd just take too long if I have to untie them from the hanger and then knot them back on. 
So I put up a clothes rack on the side of my cupboard and hung them all there. Easy to use and they make my room look pretty.

You'll always have a few big bags that you use more than the others. I hung mine on a clothes hook. This is also better than keeping them on a shelf because slouchy bags don't sit well. 

I use a kitchen sliding-hook hanger to hang my thin belts that are used more than the wider belts. Like the scarves, it's quicker to try one after another to see which goes better with the outfit.

I saw this idea on the net and it saved my life. Put aquarium pebbles into your jars and brush-holders so that you can stick the brushes in easily. 

Have any organizational hacks that have made your life much easier? Let me know in the comments!

Shabana Feroze


  1. Love these...the sunglasses idea is perfect for creative person you!


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