No one can make you feel GOOD without your permission

Girl in the Window. Watercolor on paper. 

We've all heard that no one can make you feel bad without your permission. But have you ever thought, no one can make you feel good without your permission, either? 

How many times have you been complimented but you shook it off? Or someone did something nice for you but you genuinely thought you didn't deserve it? Or the worst- people want to love you but you don't think yourself worthy of either the quality, or the quantity, of their love?

We know that happiness is an inside job. But if we refuse to believe that we're worthy of happiness, or love, or any of the good things in life, then no matter how much we get, we're never going to value them. Unless we give ourselves permission to feel good about ourselves, we never will. 

It all boils down to self-love. When you love yourself truly and completely, you know that you deserve to feel good. You know that you're not perfect, you're a work in progress, but you don't hate yourself for it. You love yourself for trying to be better and for living life in your own imperfect way. You're happy with yourself. And that's when you give yourself permission to feel good. 

So the next time someone compliments you, or does something nice, or shows you love, accept it. Accept to yourself that you're worthy of all that and more. Feel good. Heck, feel FANTASTIC. Without. Feeling. Guilty. Find out where that guilt stems from and tell yourself that you'll work on those parts of you that you're not completely satisfied with, but right now, you're giving yourself permission to feel good for all the other parts of you that you're proud of. 

And the side effect? Your relationships will improve because you're finally letting others make you happy, without rejecting it or feeling a need to repay them. People like making people happy. Today let that person be you.

Shabana Feroze

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