THIS is how you make spending money on Christmas a good deed

My friends Kate and Karen are always doing some selfless thing or the other to raise money for charity. This time they came up with a unique idea- they made Christmas trees and other decorations, for sale. Yes you read that right. They made them. 

Like these Christmas trees. 

They both spent time and made these out of old crates. They painstakingly got the wood cut in the perfect shapes, painted and decorated them, and got them all put together to make the tree. 

The one on the left is sold, but the one below is still up for sale. 

I love how kitsch and unique they look! I was at Kate's home today for a Coffee Fest and I heard the lady who bought the one say that she's going to use it as a jewelry tree to hang her necklaces and other things. I thought that's such a great idea! Can you imagine how gorgeous that would look with chunky statement necklaces and maybe some scarves draped all over it? And it would be displayed year round! Bonus! 

These decorative blocks are also for sale. I love the cute white buttons on them.

And the last item: these wreaths. Again. Let me emphasize. Kate and Karen made these. 

 And yup, ALL the money goes to charity. They don't keep a penny. 

The charities they're donating to are Women V Cancer which includes help for Breast Cancer, Ovarian Cancer and Cervical Cancer. Isn't that great? You hear of walks and marathons being done for these cancers but this is just so much more real and effective. 

And here are the two ladies-

Prices for the items:

Christmas Tree: BD 30. Takes around 8 days to make.
Christmas Wreaths: BD 10. Takes about two days to make.
Decorative Blocks: BD 6. Only two pieces left.

To order or purchase any of the items, email Karen. Perfect way to get yourself some really unique Christmas decorations and also be in Santa's good list!

P.S: This is not a sponsored post. Kate and Karen didn't pay me to write this for them. I did it because I think they're brilliant and this is such a great thing to do. 

Shabana Feroze

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